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Within the tumultuous chronicles of Jimi Hendrix’s fame from 1966 until his untimely death in September 1970, Carmen Borrero emerged as one of several women who dated Jimi Hendrix. Their relationship, however, like others in Jimi Hendrix’s life, was not devoid of love, jealousy, and violence.

Against the backdrop of alcohol-fueled struggles and the dazzling allure of fame, their narrative unveils shades of darkness and fleeting moments of joy, offering a nuanced glimpse into Jimi Hendrix’s romantic life beyond the spotlight.


The Day Jimi Hendrix Met Carmen Borrero


In the American Tour of 1968, Jimi Hendrix took the opportunity to spend a month in a beautiful house in Los Angeles, which had previously been used by the Rolling Stones. Although the ‘Experinece’ had recording sessions scheduled during this period, it was by far the least intense time in the last two years of Jimi Hendrix’s life. However, there was still time for miraculous episodes, such as the one related to his car. Jimi Hendrix had his Corvette sent to New York, but due to his poor eyesight, he smashed the car on the day it arrived; he later bought another.

During this period of Jimi Hendrix’s daily life, he frequented clubs, and at the Whisky A Go Go, Jimi met an employee who would soon become a part of his love life, a former Playboy Club bunny and a beautiful blonde woman from Puerto Rico, Carmen Borrero.


The Complex Romance of Jimi Hendrix and Carmen Borrero


Soon, Carmen Borrero would start dating Jimi Hendrix, but this didn’t prevent Jimi Hendrix from continuing to be involved with groupies, nor did it prevent Jimi from talking about his great love, Kathy Etchingham. Despite being openly unfaithful to Carmen Borrero, Jimi Hendrix felt intense jealousy towards her, especially when she was with his friend from The Animals, Eric Burdon.

An episode that shows the darker side of Jimi Hendrix’s personality occurred when, in one of these jealous episodes, a drunk Jimi threw an empty vodka bottle at Carmen Borrero’s head. Carmen later recalled the moment: “They had to rush me to the hospital, and they were afraid I was going to lose my eye.

Drugs didn’t affect Jimi Hendrix as much as alcohol did; it turned the introverted, peaceful, and loving Jimi Hendrix into a terror of chaos and destruction. He simply couldn’t drink alcohol. When Jimi Hendrix drank, he would trash hotel rooms, much like he had done in Sweden in 1968.


Jimi Hendrix’s Love Triangle with Carmen Borrero and Devon Wilson


Later in May 1969, a few weeks after Jimi Hendrix’s drug bust in Toronto, he flew to his hometown in Seattle, and as usual, Jimi was always nervous when returning to the city who watched him growing into an adult until he was drafted to the US Army. By this time, Jimi had Carmen Borrero with him. The idea was to ease the relationship with his family by showing that he had a stable relationship with a woman.

Kathy Etchingham was now part of the past and Jimi Hendrix’s preferred companions were Carmen Borrero and Devon Wilson aka “Dolly Dagger.” Despite having to choose between these two women, Jimi Hendrix continued to be a king in the paradise of women, maintaining intimate relationships with several others.

During Christmas of 1969, Carmen Borrero continued to be the central figure in Jimi Hendrix’s life, creating memories that would forever stand out as Jimi Hendrix’s best Christmas so far. This distinction, however, is set against the backdrop of a challenging childhood. Jimi gave Carmen diamond earrings and a diamond ring. Despite this gesture, the couple never seriously talked about marriage. As Carmen would later confess, “That marriage would have been with three people: Jimi, Devon, and I.” Despite the obvious jealousy, Carmen didn’t like Devon because she also thought that Devon was a bad influence on Jimi’s life, being known as a junkie for a long time.

Alcohol continued to be the most dangerous substance for Jimi Hendrix to use, more than drugs, and it was the spark for another violent argument between them. For the second time, Hendrix threw a bottle at Carmen Borrero, ending up with her in the hospital once again. But not everything was violence and jealousy; they enjoyed being together and had a very similar sense of humor, which provided them with many well-spent moments, like an episode where Carmen accidentally burned Jimi’s hair with a joint.


Jimi Hendrix’s Relationship History

Betty Jean Morgan: In Jimi’s teenage years, Betty Jean Morgan was the muse behind his first love and the painted name on his Danelectro guitar, a symbol of young love and the intersection of music and affection during his high school days.

Lithofayne ‘Faye’ Pridgeon: The original ‘Foxy Lady’ influenced Jimi’s early 1960s by the time of the ‘Chitlin Circuit’ years, inspiring the notes of the iconic song released on the bedut ‘Are You Experienced’. As a backdrop to his role as a backup guitarist, Faye’s passion and influence ignited Hendrix’s music, creating a lasting legacy.

Kathy Etchingham: Upon arriving in London in 1966, DJ Kathy Etchingham became Jimi’s muse, inspiring timeless songs like “The Wind Cries Mary.” Their two-and-a-half-year relationship fueled the emotional depth of Hendrix’s compositions, reflecting the complexities of love and inspiration.

Monika Dannemann: Engaged to Hendrix in 1969, marked the last chapter of his life. Her presence during the final hours added complexity to his romantic narrative, intertwined with the challenges Hendrix faced before his untimely death.

Kirsten Nefer: was a brief but significant presence in 1970, and contributed to the final months of Hendrix’s life.

Colette Mimram: Part of Hendrix’s romantic escapades in 1968, introduces another dimension to the intricate web of relationships. Her presence contributes to the diversity of experiences during this transformative period.

Linda Keith: Played a pivotal role in introducing Hendrix to the London music scene. Her influence, especially during the early years, left an indelible mark on his career, showcasing the symbiosis between love, friendship, and musical innovation.


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