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The Best Jimi Hendrix Wallpapers

Jimi Hendrix was one of the biggest cultural figures of the century: guitarist, singer, and songwriter, he blow everybody in the 1960s with his outrageous electric guitar playing skills and his experimental sound. Hendrix’s innovative fuzz style, feedback and controlled distortion of his guitar, in 1967 was like an atomic bomb. He created a new musical form.

If you look at the fact that he was unable to read or write music, it is incredible what Jimi Hendrix created in just in just four short years. Hendrix generated an amazing collection of songs, that justified the large catalog of posthumous releases.

The music, embrace the influences of blues, rock, R&B, and jazz a collection of styles that continue to make Hendrix one of the most popular figures in the history of rock music.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992 and the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2005. Rolling Stone also ranked the band’s three studio albums, ‘Are You Experienced’, ‘Axis: Bold as Love’, and ‘Electric Ladyland’, among the 100 greatest albums of all time, the same magazine also nominated Hendrix as the greatest guitarist of all time.


Jimi Hendrix Merchandise Continues the Legacy

Jimi Hendrix in black and white

Considering the man’s legacy, it’s no surprise to see the sheer amount of Jimi Hendrix merchandise and souvenirs available. A true pioneer of rock, Hendrix’s flair and style was unique. Of course, that was then, and now fans can emulate his look by donning a Jimi Hendrix bandana, or simply pay tribute by wearing a t-shirt, or one or more of the numerous fashion items and accessories designed to honor the guitar god. The wide range of Jimi Hendrix sweatshirts, t-shirts and the like is a great way to pay tribute to the best electrical guitarist in history.

Of course, his CDs and DVDs remain among the most popular merchandise and give fans the chance to relive the musician’s genius. Hendrix even makes an appearance in several games. There’s The Jimi Hendrix Case, a free online mystery game, where every character is Jimi Hendrix. There’s also the Jimi Hendrix slot game from NetEnt, which provides an immersive experience for Hendrix fans. Any Jimi Hendrix slot game review would be amiss not to mention the game’s numerous special features, impressive artwork, and naturally, that amazing music. The game includes numerous free spins and features, the latter of which can be unlocked along the way, such as Red Guitar Respin and Purple Haze. Hendrix also features as a character in Guitar Hero World Tour, for those who fantasize about being the legendary musician. The man’s effect on music cannot be overstated. Not only does his music live on; his legacy continues through the merchandise.

By wearing Jimi Hendrix fashion items, fans can relive the Hendrix experience in a way that is personal to them and shows their appreciation to everyone around them. Retail merchandise aside, there are also a number of souvenirs available, saved by fans throughout the years, such as concert programs. With so much available to honor the man, it’s easy for any fan to pay homage to this rock legend.

Jimi Hendrix guitars

The Jimi Hendrix Experience

*    Are You Experienced (1967)
*   Axis: Bold as Love (1967)
*   Electric Ladyland (1968)

Jimi Hendrix/Band of Gypsys

*   Band of Gypsys (1970; recorded live)

Posthumous albums

*   The Cry of Love (1971)
*   Rainbow Bridge (1971)
*   War Heroes (1972)
*   Loose Ends (1974)
*   Crash Landing (1975)
*   Midnight Lightning (1975)
*   Nine to the Universe (1980)
*   Radio One (1988)
*   First Rays of the New Rising Sun (1997)
*   South Saturn Delta (1997)
*   Valleys of Neptune (2010)
*   People, Hell and Angels (2013)

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