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If you think that the Kentucky Derby is just a horse race, you are wrong! This is a spectacular event that lasts for two days but it brings a lively atmosphere to Kentucky weeks before and after the race. It is a fashion show, a stage for musicians to entertain the thousands of spectators, and a hub place for all A-list celebrities.

Over the year we’ve seen many music artists that performed at some of the many events of the Kentucky Derby.

There are many Eve Gala celebrations before and after the race, and usually, a top performing music artist keeps all the celebrities entertained.

On top of that, we have a music artist who performs the National Anthem at every Kentucky Derby. This is kind of a special and honored position, and not many people get the chance to perform it live in an event packed with more than 150,000 spectators. In today’s article, we will talk more about the infusion of music and the Kentucky Derby, and find out which are the stars that took the show by storm.

Who Will Be Performing at the 2024 Kentucky Derby

This year is the 150th running of the Kentucky Derby, which means that it is a special anniversary where the organizers at Churchill Downs promised a lot of surprises. One of those surprises was the unveiling of the artist who will sing the National Anthem before the race.

This year is reserved for Wynonna Judd and she is the perfect candidate.

She is a country singer, which makes her perfect for the show since horse racing has always been more associated with country music. She is a Kentucky native who helped shape country music over the years. Therefore, Wynonna Judd is the perfect artist to get this once-in-a-lifetime Kentucky Derby appearance.

Wynonna started to get popular as one-half of “The Judds” with her mother Naomi, and these two are recognized as some of the greatest duos in the world of country music. She earned five GRAMMY awards for Best Country Performance by Duo or Group.

We’re excited for Wynonna to bring her powerful voice back to Louisville to convey the wide range of emotion for which this landmark occasion calls.” Said the President of Churchill Downs Racetrack.

We also have other performers during the Gala nights that are organized after the race. We have the Bridgeman family which will make the 2024 Kentucky Derby Eve gala its last, and guess who’s performing? Bruno Mars! It will be great to hear “Uptown Funk” as we conclude the Kentucky Derby.

After the Derby, you can check on the contenders for the Preakness Stakes, the following Triple Crown event.

Past Performers at the Kentucky Derby

Let’s look at some of the best performers on the Triple Crown jewel over the years.

Carly Pearce (2023)

American country music artist Carly Pearce is renowned for her compelling live performances and poignant songs. Pearce rose to notoriety in the country music world quite fast because of her genuine narrative and beautiful vocals.

Her chart-topping smash first single “Every Little Thing” demonstrated her emotional depth and vocal power. Pearce never fails to astound audiences with her sincere love of music and her capacity to establish a deep connection with her audience.

Pentatonix (2018)

Pentatonix is this super cool American a cappella group that you’ve got to check out! They’re all about those amazing vocal harmonies and putting their own spin on songs we love. It’s like they turn music into pure magic with just their voices! And can we talk about their creativity?

From catchy covers to original tunes, they always bring something fresh to the table. Plus, they’ve won a bunch of Grammys and have fans all over the world. They’re basically the definition of awesome in the music world!

Tori Kelly (2021)

Have you heard of Tori Kelly? She’s this incredibly talented singer-songwriter from the U.S., and her voice is like sunshine on a rainy day—just lifts your spirits right up! What’s awesome about Tori is how she can blend soul, pop, and R&B into these amazing tunes that get stuck in your head (in the best way possible, of course!).

Lady A (2016)

They’re that awesome country-pop band from the U.S. that’s all about feel-good tunes and catchy beats. Their music is like a perfect soundtrack for road trips or just chilling with friends—it’s got that easygoing vibe that puts you in a great mood.

And let’s talk about their harmonies; they’re so on point, it’s like music to your ears (literally!). Whether you’re a country fan or just love good music, Lady A’s got something for everyone.

Brittney Spenser (2022)

She’s a rising star in the country music scene and let me tell you, her voice is pure magic. Her songs are like stories that tug at your heartstrings and make you want to hit repeat over and over again.

It is great to see organizers at Churchill Downs also using their huge platform to give young artists a chance.

What’s cool about Brittney is how she blends traditional country vibes with a modern twist, creating a sound that’s uniquely hers. And her live performances? Absolutely captivating!

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