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In 1968, Jimi Hendrix, a name synonymous with revolutionary guitar sounds and psychedelic rock, embarked on a less known but equally intriguing journey – his love affair with fast cars, particularly a 1968 dark blue Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

Jimi Hendrix purchased this Corvette in Cleveland, Ohio, while on tour promoting ‘Axis: Bold As Love’. The car was a dark blue metallic coupe, bought from Blaushild Chevrolet in Cleveland, Ohio. For Jimi Hendrix, the Corvette was more than just a car, it was a reflection of his personal style and newfound status, a symbol of freedom and the fast-paced, exhilarating lifestyle that came with his rising fame.


Jimi Hendrix’s Driving Adventures

Jimi Hendrix reckless behavior led to an incident where he crashed his first Corvette in Los Angeles. Mitch Mitchell recounted that Hendrix crashed the Corvette after attending a party following a Cream concert, narrowly avoiding a catastrophic accident over the edge of a canyon.

Hendrix made sure his Corvette was taken care of. After the insurance company processed the claim for his first crashed Corvette, Jimi Hendrix bought another Corvette, this time a Cortez Silver ’69, which he had painted Candy Green Metallic. This second Corvette was later sold off by Jimi’s manager, Mick Jeffrey, and its current whereabouts remain unknown.

The anecdotes surrounding Jimi Hendrix’s Corvette adventures offer a glimpse into his character. Mitch Mitchell, The Jimi Hendrix Experience drummer, shares a particularly telling incident:

One Saturday night we went to see Cream and had a party back at the house. The party didn’t break up until 5 am and at 7 am I got to sleep. I’d heard Jimi’s voice, ‘Guess what, I’ve just crashed my car.’ I thought I’d dreamed that and went back to sleep. Several hours later, I discovered that it was true.

Mitch Mitchell also adds,

This was the first time any of us had any money to spend, so Jimi ordered a Corvette Stingray and Noel ordered a Mercury Cougar which he never took delivery of.

Jimi Hendrix’s relationship with his Corvette was a microcosm of his life – fast, unpredictable, and against the grain. The car, with its roaring engine and sleek design, was an extension of Hendrix’s own artistry and persona. It represented his rapid rise to fame, his boldness, and his disregard for convention.

Jimi Hendrix’s experiences with his Corvette tell us more about him than just his taste in cars. They show a side of him that was always looking for excitement and new experiences, something that matched the energy he brought to his music. Driving his Corvette gave Jimi Hendrix a break from the demands of his fame, a chance to just be himself, away from the expectations of the world.


What Happened to Both of Jimi Hendrix’s Corvettes?


Jimi Hendrix owned two notable Corvettes during his lifetime. The first, a blue 1968 model, was crashed by Hendrix and subsequently replaced. After the insurance company processed the claim for this car, Hendrix purchased a Cortez Silver ’69 Corvette, which he had painted Candy Green Metallic. This second Corvette was sold off by his manager, Mick Jeffrey, after Hendrix’s death.


The influence of Jimi Hendrix’s Manager, Mike Jeffrey

The partnership between Jimi Hendrix and Mike Jeffery, beginning in 1966, significantly influenced Jimi Hendrix’s career trajectory. Jeffery, with his experience in the British music scene, recognized Hendrix’s unique talent and played a crucial role in launching his international career.

Formation of The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Mike Jeffery’s involvement in Jimi Hendrix’s career was instrumental from the very beginning. Along with Chas Chandler, Jeffery facilitated the formation of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, a move that significantly introduced Hendrix’s innovative guitar style to the UK audience and set the stage for his international stardom. This period of collaboration is detailed in the article “Mike Jeffery: The Enigmatic Jimi Hendrix’s Manager,” which provides an in-depth look at Jeffery’s early journey in the music industry and his initial meetings with Hendrix.

Management Style and Financial Handling: Despite the early successes, Jeffery’s management style was often a source of contention. Known for his aggressive business tactics and a controlling approach, Jeffery’s handling of financial matters led to disputes and allegations of financial mismanagement. Jimi Hendrix, at times, seemed unaware of the full extent of his financial situation and the details of contracts.

Jeffery’s Involvement in Hendrix’s Personal Life: Jeffery’s influence extended into Hendrix’s personal life, particularly evident in the handling of Hendrix’s Corvettes after the musician’s crash. This intersection of their professional and personal lives added layers to their relationship, making it a subject of intrigue and speculation.


The Story of Mike Jeffery


Mike Jeffery’s story is fascinating, especially when seen against the backdrop of Jimi Hendrix’s skyrocketing fame and his passion for Chevrolet Corvettes. Jeffery’s life took a significant turn when he was dealing with business in Mallorca. He almost couldn’t make the trip due to a legal issue related to drugs charges, but his lawyer managed to get his bail conditions extended.

After Jimi Hendrix death, Jeffery’s life started to change. He began a relationship with a woman named Karen, also known as Melissa. He was contemplating a big move to Mallorca, dreaming of a quieter life and considering producing a film about Michael Collins, the famous Irish Republican activist.

Tragically, Jeffery’s fear of flying, a well-known fact among his friends and colleagues, played a crucial role in his fate. Despite being a former army intelligence operative, he was terrified of air travel. This fear led him to book multiple flights with different airlines, choosing one at random in an attempt to feel more in control.

Sadly, on March 5, 1973, Mike Jeffery’s worst fear came true. A tragic accident happened due to a misunderstanding during a strike by French air-traffic controllers. The plane Jeffery was on collided with another aircraft near Nantes, France. While the other plane managed to land safely, the plane carrying Jeffery did not survive, and he perished along with everyone else on board.


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