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Alice Cooper was among the leading artists in rock music during the 1970s. He was famous for his appearance and unique voice, thus leaving an imprint on the evolution of rock music and perhaps starting a new type of rock that became very popular a decade or so later.

He sang many popular songs, but his most famous was “School’s Out.” Though it was released in 1972 and topped the UK singles chart, it can be argued that this hit had a much wider influence that extended beyond merely occupying the top spot in the charts and entertaining people all over the globe.

Thus, Cooper can be considered one of the influences on heavy metal and glam rock, who defined the appearance and development of these styles in the following years.

Shock Rock

The father of shock rock, Cooper was able to establish a new form of rock music performance. He added elements of stage drama into his performance and delivered a show that would enhance the value of such songs and as a result came up with a new way through which people could enjoy watching gigs.

For instance, some props Cooper used to scare his audience included guillotines, electric chairs, fake blood, boa constrictors, and even baby dolls. These objects assisted him in producing programs that had dark and horror themes that would complement the lyrics of some of his songs. This playing style would later be associated with the heavy metal and hard rock music styles, as many other bands would copy this style. KISS and Marilyn Manson are probably the most apparent of them.

Indeed, his makeup and costumes, when performing, initiated the formation of glam rock and the movement seen. They created the shock rock that came to be identified with such performers. They also brought color and daring looks that other rockers would copy, with David Bowie, for instance, using makeup and different outfits to enhance his performances.

Crossover Appeal

Due to this, it is not surprising that several people continue to listen to the music that Alice Cooper released several years ago to this day.

As already noted, “School’s Out” was one of the most successful records released at the time, particularly in countries where the rebellious aspect of rock music was beginning to gain popularity. This type of music emerged because of the lyrics that were mostly rebellious and contrary to the general theme of love that other music had embraced.

The song has been used in notable examples, hence highlighting how much of a crossover there has been and its appeal. For instance, it’s possible to find it being used in games across multiple formats. You can find it included in video games like Guitar Hero, while it’s also possible to see it as a slot game at Unibet, a casino online platform with numerous titles inspired by artists. The likes of KISS, Guns N’ Roses, Motorhead, Jimi Hendrix, and Mötley Crüe have all been given the same treatment as Alice Cooper regarding a slot title.

Play’n GO has created Alice Cooper and the Tome of Madness. It uses the many themes that the artist used to make the shock rock effect, highlighting his influence on heavy metal and glam rock. The developers use his famous gothic themes as visuals, his “School’s Out” track as the soundtrack, and his voice to add more entertainment when wins have been accomplished.

Although his work has become a cultural product, it has also influenced other related music genres, and other artists in the rock style have incorporated some of the techniques that he used. He could combine all the aspects of rock into one particular style and then market it to different groups of people, and many artists have since followed suit. Thus, he was able to change the industry and come up with a new audience for the genre to target.

Final Words

Alice Cooper had a profound influence on heavy metal and glam rock. He created a new way to perform and enjoy the music, which has since been copied and used as inspiration by many artists since he first did.

In the future, it wouldn’t be a surprise if many other artists were to look at what he did and incorporate it into their music and performances, such is the mark Cooper left on the world.

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