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Some musical acts are made for the studio. Some acts rarely make it to a live stage, whether because of heavy production or the artist preferring to let the music do the work. On the other hand, some singers and bands thrive on the live experience and work their best magic in front of a crowd.

Here are a few performers from around the world famous for putting on a great show:

Shania Twain

Shania Twain has been performing her unique brand of poppy country rock for decades. Starting in the early 90s, the Canadian star is still going strong over 30 years later. Her live performances, both on tour and at legendary Vegas residencies, are packed with theatrical flair, on top of a still-incredible singing voice.

She’s part of a Canadian tradition of entertainment that includes fellow performers like Bryan Adams and Celine Dion, as well as renowned film and casino industries. The latter has recently seen some improvements, with safe online casinos for Canadians now becoming part of the entertainment economy, offering slots with rock as their central theme.


The Southwest region of England is generally associated with farming and rural life. That makes the music of the local band Muse so interesting, as it’s as far removed from that life as possible, packed with futuristic and sci-fi sounds. The group has played for decades, although they gained mainstream success after their reluctant involvement in the Twilight film series.

Muse’s live performances are regarded as amongst the best, with singer Matt Bellamy often compared to legends like Freddie Mercury in stage presence. They have long been linked to the massive Glastonbury Festival, also in the English Southwest, and it’s rare to have a year when they don’t make an appearance there.

DJ Koze

While not a live act in the same manner as our previous entries, DJ Koze is in massive demand for summer festivals and can be found at the most prominent events across Europe. The German artist is one of the latest in a long tradition of techno artists from the country, tracing a line back to the avant-garde Kraftwerk in the 70s and 80s.

Those who regularly attend festivals will know that the showmanship on display is very different from that of traditional artists. While the DJ plays a role in hyping up the crowd and building the atmosphere, it’s much more of a team effort, with effects crews working with lights and smoke to get the feeling right. Koze’s live shows are highly regarded for this, mainly thanks to on-the-spot mixes and an overall positive vibe around his setlists. Many people worry about the future of live music due to the increasing popularity of streaming platforms and AI. However, there will always be dedicated artists who continue to perform live, with the unique atmosphere of a live concert untainted by technology!

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