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Everyone loves a tune, but today, people listen to more music than ever, according to research by the non-governmental organization (NGO), the International Federation of the Phonograph Industry (IFPI). In its report “Engaging with Music 2023”, the organization found that people have increased the amount of time they spend listening to music to 20.7 hours on average. Of course, the internet has, like many things, impacted the music industry. Below is a look at this impact, at the internet’s influence on the growth of music video games and online slot games, and the future of music in general.

The impact of the internet on the music industry

The internet has made music cheaper for music fans. They can stream it for free on platforms such as Spotify or, if not for free, for a small fee. Spotify and other platforms have also enabled musicians to increase their presence on the internet rather than forcing them to rely on social media.

Speaking of social media, the internet has made it easier than ever to build a following. Now, musicians have a powerful tool at their disposal, which places anyone who wants to make music (and has internet access) on a more equal footing. Musicians in a specific niche can create content for fans and promote themselves to them.

Then there’s the fact that the internet has made it easier to produce music. Musicians can download software and work on projects remotely, and the faster broadband speeds have made this more achievable. They can also work with musicians worldwide without leaving their homes and, using Google Drive, Dropbox, or other file-sharing services, share files for feedback from others.

Fueling the growth of music video games

The information superhighway also includes video games and the music industry lending each other a helping hand. As part of the marketing, video game makers often choose their music well in advance of the release of a game. Then, when the game comes out, makers encourage fans to stream the music playlist from the game on Spotify or other music platforms.

This has played a big part in driving the popularity of games and is the follow-on for the creation of music video games, such as “Guitar Hero,” which has seen its heyday come and go. One of the most popular in this regard was Aerosmith’s “Guitar Hero,” which made the band more money than any of its albums. The popularity of music-based video games has also led to the creation of games in other sectors.

Inspiring online slots

One such sector is the world of online slots, where you’ll find many music-themed slots. The vast slots out there mean music lovers are almost guaranteed to find something that suits their tastes. Slots exist in different genre types, so you’ll find jazz-themed, rock-themed, or slots inspired by a different type of music.

Other slots are based on specific artists and give fans a chance to engage with the music of their idols. You may find a slot based on their music if you like a particular solo artist or band. Popular slots include the Guns ‘n’ Roses slot, the Jimi Hendrix online slot, and the Michael Jackson “King of Pop” online slot. Music-themed online slots aren’t only confined to musical genres and artists. The best online slot sites have slot games based on events in music, such as festivals. Search online, and you’ll find slots containing graphics, music, and symbols related to Woodstock, Coachella, and other prominent music festivals.

The future of music

Never has the music industry evolved at such a rapid, thrilling pace. What can fans expect to see in the future?

New genres

The industry is experiencing a wave of genres that defy convention and are giving music fans a taste of what the future could look like. Glitch-hop, synth-wave, and future bass push the envelope of musical experimentation and introduce the world to new styles.

Exponential growth

Advances in technology, innovation, and digitization are driving the industry forward. Streaming platforms are dominant, but as technology evolves, the industry enjoys even greater reach through virtual events, live-streamed concerts, and fan experiences. Meanwhile, blockchain and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) empower artists and serve new revenue streams for them. The intersection between tech and music will create a dynamic future for the music industry.

The internet has dramatically impacted the music industry, allowing musicians greater freedom to make music, reach fans, and promote their work. It’s led to the production of music-themed games such as online slots. Now, the industry is harnessing the power of the internet to form a brighter future, one that will also introduce the world to new genres of music.

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