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TV shows entertain and inspire us. Yet, a compelling soundtrack can make a good show unforgettable. It does more than fill the silence. The music sets the mood, enhances drama, and becomes a character. Let’s explore some influential TV soundtracks that have enriched our viewing and impacted us.

Breaking Bad

More than shootouts and drugs, Breaking Bad explored the complexities of power. The soundtrack mirrored this journey. With each carefully chosen song, the music reflected the characters’ rise and fall. Breaking Bad’s legacy extends beyond its final scene. But the final scene remains unforgettable, with “Baby Blue” playing. The music perfectly captured the culmination of Walter White’s tragic journey – a man who got what he deserved.

In the US, “Breaking Bad” is on Netflix, which lets viewers enjoy its music and story. For more viewing options, they can also buy episodes or seasons on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.


Euphoria is a show that delves into the turbulent lives of its teenage characters. Its soundtrack is key to expressing the story’s emotional depth. Unlike typical teen dramas with the latest hits, Euphoria stands out. It mixes various music styles from different eras.

Labrinth’s score in Euphoria stands out. For instance, “All for Us,” with Zendaya’s vocals, captures the show’s emotions well. The music includes Labrinth’s original pieces, older hits, and lesser-known tracks. These all fit the themes of love, pain, and self-discovery. Furthermore, the music isn’t just a background addition. It becomes a key character, leading viewers through the story’s emotional complexity.

“Euphoria” is available on Max, which was previously HBO Max. It offers all episodes. You can also buy the series on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV. This way, you can enjoy the music and drama whenever you like.

Twin Peaks

“Twin Peaks” breaks storytelling norms, and its soundtrack follows suit. Angelo Badalamenti’s eerie music is crucial, blending with the odd plot and characters. The Twin Peaks Theme is haunting and sets the series tone. It draws viewers into the mysterious town. Laura Palmer’s Theme is also significant, mirroring her tragedy. It echoes her story, enhancing its depth. Its distinct sound has inspired many, becoming a hallmark of atmospheric soundtracks.

US audiences can now explore “Twin Peaks” on Paramount+ and Hulu. They can stream the original series. Meanwhile, Showtime allows them to stream the 2017 revival, “Twin Peaks: The Return.” This provides fans with multiple chances to enjoy the show’s iconic music. The series is also available on Netflix, but not in the US. If you have a subscription, you can use a VPN to access this show. You can check the free VPNs featured on this page to find the right VPN that works for you.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things masterfully blends vintage and modern elements. Survive’s score utilizes classic synth sounds to create a chilling soundscape that feels fresh and terrifying for a new generation of viewers.

The soundtrack is key for the story, not just for setting the mood. It includes hits like “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by The Clash and “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush. These songs are used at crucial times, boosting emotions and character growth. The show’s success has revived 1980s music. For example, “Running Up That Hill” has become popular again. This success shows how the show connects the past with the present, introducing younger audiences to 1980s music.

“Stranger Things” is famous for its nostalgic and chilling soundtrack. It’s only on Netflix in the US, so you need a Netflix subscription to enjoy its mix of 80s music and modern storytelling.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel takes you on a delightful journey through classical music. Each carefully chosen song, like “It’s a Good Day,” feels perfectly on Midge’s record player and your modern repeat button. It plays during a stand-up scene, matching Midge Maisel’s upbeat spirit. The soundtrack reflects the show’s signature blend of sass and style. Upbeat swing numbers complement Midge’s sharp wit, while smoky jazz ballads underscore moments of vulnerability and personal growth.

In the US, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” and its great soundtrack are only on Amazon Prime Video. It’s the only place to stream the show, making it simple for viewers to enjoy the music that highlights Midge’s story.


Bridgerton isn’t your typical period drama. It opens the carriage doors and lets in a wave of modern pop reimagined in elegant classical arrangements. Music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas, known for The OC and Gossip Girl soundtracks, now works in Bridgerton.

The new, unique soundtrack has gained massive popularity on social media. Fans share their favorite classical covers, sparking conversations about music, fashion, and the show’s captivating characters and storylines.

In Bridgerton, covers of songs by Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Billie Eilish give the period drama a modern touch, making it attractive to today’s viewers. Moreover, the music not only aids storytelling but also connects the past with the present, setting the show apart in its genre.

“Bridgerton” features pop songs turned into classical pieces. It’s only on Netflix in the US. So, you need a Netflix subscription to enjoy the series and its music.


Donald Glover’s Atlanta effectively mirrors its cultural setting through music. Unlike shows with just one theme song, Atlanta uses a variety of tracks. These songs change every episode, frequently highlighting local Atlanta artists. This strategy keeps the music current and weaves it closely into the story and the city’s culture.

Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, diversifies the show’s music. The soundtrack mirrors the story’s mix of genres. It includes local talent like OJ da Juiceman and hits from artists like Future. This music deepens the characters and their world. It’s not just background noise. Instead, the music is key to the show’s identity.

In the US, “Atlanta” is on Hulu. It’s known for its rich soundtrack. Hulu has all the episodes. Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV offer individual episodes and full seasons if you prefer to buy. This lets you experience unique music.

The OC

The OC turns 20 this year, marking a key moment in teen dramas. The show focused on high school life in Orange County and highlighted generation-defining music. Its soundtrack introduced unknown indie bands to viewers, such as Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie, and The Killers. Additionally, the show was known for its fresh music. The Bait Shop, a fictional venue, hosted live performances by these bands. This move solidified The OC’s reputation as a leader in integrating modern music into TV.

The show’s famous theme song, “California” by Phantom Planet, became closely linked to the series. It perfectly captured the setting’s sunny yet turbulent nature. The OC didn’t just include music but also celebrated it. It cleverly used music to tell stories, deeply engaging its audience.

“The OC” is known for its indie music. It’s available on Hulu in the US. Fans can also buy episodes or seasons on Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV, allowing them to enjoy the music and story again.


The “Suits” soundtrack is the sonic embodiment of sleek cityscapes and high-stakes power deals. Bluesy undertones mixed with modern rock create an undeniably cool and sophisticated atmosphere. The catchy theme song, Greenback Boogie by Ima Robot, blends style and substance. The soundtrack isn’t just about setting the mood; it’s about winning. Each track, with its bluesy swagger and rock energy, empowers viewers and leaves them feeling like they can conquer any challenge.

“Suits” offers a classy soundtrack. It’s on Peacock and Netflix in the US. Additionally, episodes are available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV, providing various ways to enjoy the show’s music.

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders breaks conventions, starting with its music. The show’s set in post-WW1 Birmingham but features a contemporary rock soundtrack that clashes with its historical setting. The opening credits start with Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand,” a song now synonymous with the series’ gritty intensity.

Artists like The White Stripes, Arctic Monkeys, and PJ Harvey use modern music in Peaky Blinders. This mix gives the show a unique, timeless feel. Importantly, the music sets the tone and highlights themes like rebellion, power, and struggle. The soundtrack’s mix of old and new adds to the show’s distinctiveness. It proves that a bold, unconventional music style can greatly enhance historical dramas.

US viewers can stream “Peaky Blinders” on Netflix. The show is famous for its modern rock soundtrack. Alternatively, they can buy episodes or seasons on Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV and enjoy the unique music style.


“Girls” pays homage to the mixtape generation. The curated playlists the characters create – Hannah’s for Adam and Shoshanna’s for a hopeful first date – offer glimpses into their personalities, desires, and vulnerabilities. Lena Dunham’s Girls isn’t your usual soundtrack. Filled with indie anthems from MGMT, Shoffia, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the music throbs with the same raw energy as Hannah’s emotional rollercoaster. It’s not just background noise; it’s a window into her heart.

“Girls” features indie music that mirrors its characters’ emotional journeys. It’s now on Max in the US. Fans can also buy episodes on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV, enjoying the show’s unique soundtrack and storytelling.


TV soundtracks are magical. They turn a good series into a great one. They create moments that stick with viewers after the show ends. Let’s pause to appreciate the music in our favorite TV shows. It makes our experiences memorable. Whether it’s a catchy theme song or a track for a key scene, TV music is crucial. It’s what makes TV so compelling and long-lasting.

So, pay attention to the music next time you settle in to watch your favorite show. You might find that the soundtrack makes the experience truly unforgettable.

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