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The pitch for concerts in the metaverse is very appealing. An artist or group could perform from a big studio in front of a near-limitless number of fans who aren’t bunched up around them in any way and connect to people from all over the world. In theory, ticket prices could be higher as fans won’t be required to travel or stay in a different location to see an event of a few hours – nor would they need to pay stadium prices for food and drink.

It’s an easy sell for performers and fans, particularly because artists can more easily cultivate a global following through other online exploits. Some artists have dipped their virtual toe into the metaverse this way, but the key aspect hindering the experience is that it’s virtual. It may be within a virtual space, but authenticity is lost in these events. Labels should try to pivot to better technologies to make the most of this opportunity.

Leveraging live technology to enhance the Metaverse experience
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Metaverse performances could bridge the gap between live streams online and real-world showings if the more interactive iterations of the tech are tweaked to create a fully immersive experience. For mainstream use, the most interactive and immersive deployment of live technology is found in the live games of a fast withdrawal casino. You don’t just watch a game being played; instead, you bet and make play calls to the croupier, and then, if you win, the winnings go straight into your balance. It’s this format that has helped to make live baccarat such a hit around the world.

The key to this use of live tech is that it’s interactive. Playing in real-time through the screen makes it all the more immersive. For live performers, this could be tweaked to take the form of live votes on upcoming songs to play or even a way to meet and greet the artists backstage in the virtual world after events. Being an HD live stream is also a key selling point as it makes the games stand out from other online games as real and human. Metaverse-centric startup Condense Reality tries to work this angle with specialized platforms that beam the live performance into the metaverse in 3D. Lady Leshurr, Doc Brown, and Verb T demonstrated the tech.

Stadium shows and house parties
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As it stands, virtual performances in video games have been the most successful dips into the metaverse. However, what might end up being a more profitable venture for everyone involved while also offering a much more lifelike experience would be to build specific virtual venues. Premier League club Manchester City has already built the first stadium in the metaverse, which reportedly has unlimited seating.

Virtual fans worldwide would be able to see the act and experience the Etihad Stadium. Alternatively, artists buying up virtual real estate, as Snoop Dogg did, could host intimate house parties with even more expensive tickets on the door. It’d be much easier and safer than throwing a real house party, and the building could be decked out with special virtual items that the fans could get by attending. The metaverse could represent a huge opportunity for bands seeking to put on live events for their fans worldwide. Still, a bit more time is needed for the development of more engaging and immersive applications.

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