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At BEONIX 2024, which is scheduled for September 20-22, fans of dance music in Cyprus will have the chance to see some of the world’s biggest acts perform live on their native land. The festival team is adding a diverse range of international talents to the lineup in addition to the cool squad of artists they previously unveiled earlier this year. There will be plenty to do for those lucky to be present, with entertainment available over three days and across three stages.

Who is Miss Monique?

Currently, one of the fastest-rising progressive house DJs in the world, Miss Monique is possibly the most popular female DJ in Europe. Her unique makeover of vintage radio mixes into YouTube podcasts made her a star for bringing back the classics, in contrast to the majority of other well-known DJs who gained their fame and fortune through producing rather than mixing. With over 200 million cumulative views and almost 800,000 monthly Spotify listeners, Miss Monique is rightly considered a clubland and streaming phenomenon. Her distinct ability to effortlessly blend techno beats with vintage trance and progressive songs is highly rated by an increasing number of electronic music lovers.


Initially from Ukraine, Miss Monique established her own record label, Siona Records, with the intention of giving up-and-coming Ukrainian talent a chance to succeed in the progressive house genre. The label became the best-selling progressive house label on Beatport* in January 2022. In February 2022, the DJ had to leave her homeland due to the war, but she eventually came back shortly after. Still, she uses her music to spread messages of peace, unity, and solidarity. Miss Monique keeps traveling the world with her live sets and boasts a really busy schedule.

*Beatport is the biggest electronic music platform for DJs in the world. It is a vital tool for any artist looking to connect with fans across the globe.


Miss Monique creates her musical magic in the studio, but her brilliance shines bright like a diamond on stage. Her captivating live performances enchant the audience by bringing them to a world of tingling melodies and driving sounds. If you are unable to witness the intensity of a live show (which you can experience by visiting BEONIX), Miss Monique’s carefully selected DJ mixes provide a glimpse of her talent. Her mixes are a starting point for her captivating sound, regardless of your level of experience with electronic music. You can enjoy some of Miss Monique’s beats by following the links below.

Long story short, Miss Monique is a precious addition to the BEONIX 2024 lineup. However, she is not the only gem in a list of amazing artists performing at the event. The festival boasts Tale Of Us, ARTBAT, and Fatboy Slim (whoa!) as headliners. Other stellar guests include Claptone, DJ Jordan, and GHEIST, just to name a few. Do not hesitate to buy your tickets to BEONIX ASAP!

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