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Big-label music promotion is fairly saturated. As an independent artist, the key consideration is cutting through the noise without breaking the bank. So, let’s dive into some effective marketing techniques for promoting independent music.

Offers for Newbies

Welcome offers are a tried-and-tested marketing technique in various industries, incentivizing people to check out a new brand. This is particularly well utilized in the online casino sector, where there are many casino offers for new customers, such as free spins with the first deposit, free chips, exclusive slot rewards, and daily games.

These offers allow players to try out the games available to understand which ones best suit their gaming style, allowing platforms to offer more authentic, fair, and immersive experiences to new customers.  This same logic can be applied to the music industry, particularly for independent musicians.

For example, when new people sign up to your mailing list, subscribe to your channels, or make their first purchase, they could receive a welcome gift or perk like a free item of merch or free shipping. This will make the listener feel valued, fostering a sense of loyalty, leading to them recommending you to their friends and generating more traffic to your platforms to capitalize on the offer. 

Back Yourself

Most researchers agree that self-confidence is key for setting and accomplishing your career goals, which is no different in the music industry. In other words, you must back yourself and believe in the music you’re creating. With this in mind, reach out to editorial teams, playlist curators, music influencers, and other characters who can give you more exposure. They will likely promote your music if you can sell yourself to them. 

Similarly, you might also reach out to other independent artists in your local geographical area or who share a similar musical style. Networking with other artists can allow both parties to grow their audiences by promoting the other artists to their existing fanbase. You might also find that successful artists from your area are enthusiastic about promoting up-and-coming independent local artists — after all, they were once in your position, too.

Get Gigging

Music streaming and live performances have a symbiotic relationship. According to one study, as digital streaming has risen over the years, so has the live music market. This is because, while recorded music is great for accessibility and instant satisfaction, live events can create a well-rounded experience—a memory, if you will. 

With this in mind, take this as your sign to get on the road and start gigging. No matter how small or large the venues are, putting on a high-energy and memorable performance will surely get your name out there. As an independent artist, this can also allow you to hang back after the show and chat with the audience on a more familiar level, allowing you to foster meaningful relationships and engagement with your audience. 

And there you have it — just a few effective techniques for promoting independent music. With these ideas in your arsenal, it’s time to get creative and build and market your brand. 

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