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There are now about as many genres of music out there as stars in the sky, but for the most part, we know roughly what each one is about and where it fits into the world. Music is like any art: it’s always changing and hard to nail down.

On that thought, here are some of the more interesting places where genres turn up that may be a little surprising.


Rising to global prominence around the 60s and 70s, although reggae has a much longer history in its native Caribbean. The genre is famous for the slow, meandering nature of the music with off-beat rhythms and tons of Jamaican charm. It’s most commonly associated with beaches and resorts as it’s considered a particularly relaxing form. To feel the vibe, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear, Jimmy Cliff, and Toots and the Maytals are some artists you need to check out.

That aspect is what makes a slot game like Reggae Rhythm so unexpected. It’s part of the latest generation of slots and bingo made for Internet play. It appears amongst the collection of digital slots and online bingo at Paddy Power and other major sites. It calls on all the hallmarks with a beach setting and all the classic instruments as sound effects. It’s a testament to how varied this medium can be.


While it has become one of the broadest categories in music and one of the most debated genres by far, rock has always had a few common features. For one, different rock music most commonly turns up either in concerts and performances or as a popular choice for advertising. While it can have some connection to organized sports, our surprising choice here has to be in exercise.

While exercise and aerobics have most commonly been linked with pop, electronic, or Latin music, rock has been a more popular option as in Zumba. Special rock exercise programs like the RockFit system have emerged, and they’re backed by science. Rock music is perfect for getting the blood pumping, and the high tempos are ideal for high-paced workouts.

If you’re looking for motivation to get active and need a great playlist, look no further than our playlist on the homepage.


Having been around for so long, classical music has touched many parts of society and culture. It appears in film, TV, advertising, sports, and even other music via samples. One thing it has rarely been used for, however, is any practical applications. Many have experimented with using it for psychological benefits, although what we’re talking about here is more agricultural.

While the science is a little unclear, countless farmers and gardeners around the world have reported excellent results when they use classical music to surround their growing plants. Farmers report higher and healthier yields from their plants, and studies from the University of Pretoria have even shown that dairy cows are more productive when calm music is piped into their environment.

The fact that it can be applied in many unusual and wide-ranging ways proves how flexible music can be and how important it is to our daily lives. Keep an eye out; you’ll find music in more places than you expect.

I’m sure Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and Strauss are on their playlists.

When Classical Music Meets Rock Music: 2CELLOS – Thunderstruck
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