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Spring is about refreshment. New blooms, everything’s brighter, and your favorite tunes feel like sunshine. Whether you chill in the park or tackle that spring clean, I’ve lined up the perfect playlist to boost your mood.


5 Ways to Heighten Your Musical Delight

Before you hit that play button, here are golden nuggets to really make those tunes pop:

  • Scent-sational Vibes

Spark a candle that smells like the season itself just walked into your room. Instant mood setter, no matter what the weather’s doing.

  • Chill It Out

You’d be surprised how many artists use cannabis to strike inspiration. What about popping some delta 9 gummies before your musical deep dive (where legal, of course)? Just the right amount can add a whole new layer of chill.

  • Nature’s Playlist

Take your music and a trusty speaker outside. There’s something about tunes in the fresh air that just feels right.

  • Buddy Beside You

Music is a shared journey. Pass an earbud to your friend or blast those speakers together. It’s about vibing in harmony.

  • New Tunes on the Block

Don’t just stick to the oldies! Those new songs could be your next spring anthem. Keep those playlists fresh.


7 Songs That Scream Spring


1. “Here Comes The Sun” — The Beatles

This one’s a classic that needs no introduction. Written by George Harrison as a celebration of the end of a long, harsh winter, both literally and metaphorically, it’s a testament to finding joy and warmth after tough times. It’s the perfect soundtrack for embracing the brighter days ahead.


2. “I Can See Clearly Now” – Johnny Nash

This song, with its clear skies and bright sunshine, was Nash saying there’s hope after hardship. It’s an upbeat, optimistic anthem that has lifted spirits since the early ’70s. Play it to clear away the last remnants of winter blues.


3. “Can’t Stop The Spring” — The Flaming Lips

An ode to the inevitable beauty and rebirth that the season brings. This track stands out for its psychedelic touch and the band’s unique take on the unstoppable cycle of seasons. It’s a reminder that no matter what, nature moves forward, and so can we.


4. “Spring Affair” — Donna Summer

Love disco? This one’s for you! This lively track celebrates love and rebirth. Donna Summer, the Queen of Disco, brings energy and excitement that’s infectious. It’s a call to dance your way into the new season with open arms.


5. “Lullaby Of Spring” — Donovan

Donovan’s gentle voice and the soft melody capture the essence of spring’s awakening. This song is calm and relaxing — all to depict the season’s quiet beauty. It’s for those moments of peaceful reflection as the world blooms anew.


6. “Spring Fever” — Elvis Presley

Who doesn’t love Elvis? The king of rock-n-roll brings his signature charm to this track to embody the restlessness and excitement of this season. It’s a fun, upbeat song that encourages you to shake off the cold and dive into new adventures.


7. “Come In With The Rain” — Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift turns a spring shower into a metaphor for renewal and introspection. This song is notable for its storytelling and Swift’s ability to find beauty in the melancholy of rain. So, tune it on on a reflective rainy spring day.


Each of these seven tracks captures a slice of the season, from “Here Comes The Sun” which brings hope to “Spring Affair” which offers a vibe of renewal. And yes, they fit different moods and weather, and you’ll surely find one for yourself.


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