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If you love live music, booking a cover band for your party can take your event to the next level. 

From birthdays to anniversaries, and weddings to corporate events, live music is a brilliant addition to all manner of gatherings.

But with so many cover bands available to hire, how do you decide which one is the best choice?  Here are some top tips on booking the perfect band for your event.


Decide on Your Budget

Your budget is one of the most significant factors in determining what live music you book for your event.

While we would all love to book a 12-piece soul band for an all-day event, this might not always be the most cost-effective endeavor if you don’t have the budget to match.

Work out what percentage of your overall budget for the event you can dedicate to live music. It’s essential to be realistic, as musicians are skilled professionals doing an important job and should be compensated accordingly.

If your budget is smaller, consider acts like solo singers, acoustic duos, or cover band trios, and try sourcing an act that is relatively nearby to cut down on travel costs.  By using an entertainment directory like Last Minute Musicians, you can browse acts by price, distance, best reviews, and more.


Think About the Type of Event You’re Having

It may sound obvious, but different cover bands often specialize in different things, making some more appropriate than others.

If you want a more relaxed event with people chatting and mingling, acoustic bands or jazz groups might be the perfect background music to enhance the atmosphere.

However, if you want to get people up and dancing, a party band, disco group, or other ensemble is the right choice.

Consider the make-up of your audience, especially if you are organizing a surprise party. If you’ve got an older audience, they might not appreciate the hits of Nirvana in quite the same way they would, say, The Beatles or The Beach Boys. The space you have available can also factor into your decision, as a band with an extended lineup may not be able to fit into an exceptionally tiny venue.


Do Your Research

Any professional band should have high-quality promotional material that gives you a good flavour of their act.

Make you look through all their important details, like their set list, where they are based, and rough price information.

It is also important to check if their website lists any technical requirements, as this can help dictate the group’s suitability. Look through as many acts as you have time to, noting any that stand out. Then, you can make a short list of acts to contact.


Get a Quote

Once you have narrowed down your choices, you can start contacting potential cover bands for a quote. 

When emailing, it will help shorten the booking process if you provide the act with as much information as possible to come up with a proper quote.

As a bare minimum, make sure to include the following:

  • The type of event (Birthday, wedding, etc.)
  • Where the event is being held (Including postcode)
  • The date it is to take place
  • When the event is due to start
  • How long would you ideally like the band to play for (2 x 45-minute sets is pretty standard, but this can be negotiable)
  • Your budget for the event

The enquiry stage can involve several emails before you get a specific quote, but this will depend on how thorough you are with the initial information you provide. 


Confirm Your Booking

Once you have found the perfect act for your event, it’s time to go ahead and confirm your booking. 

Sites like Gig Heaven provide a fast and comprehensive booking process with no hidden fees. 

Some acts require you to sign a contract to secure the date. This is reasonably standard, but it is still important that you read it carefully and double-check all the details, including the cancellation policy and payment terms. 

Most cover acts will also require you to pay a deposit in advance, especially if the show is not for some time, with the remaining balance being due or shortly in advance of the day of the event.  

You must settle on payment terms before the day of the event and have a way to settle the remaining balance. 

If you require an invoice, this should also be requested in advance.  From then on, it’s time to sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge you have booked the perfect cover band for your party.




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