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When you’re just starting out learning bass guitar, it may seem like a daunting process, and it may make you wonder if you’ll ever reach your music goals. More advanced guitarists didn’t get there by accident. They know there are a few tips and tricks that can help you progress consistently and play more advanced music before you know it.


1. Choose Easy Bass Tabs To Start

When you first start, it’s important to choose sheet music that is appropriate for your skill level. It is easy to get discouraged by music that you’re unable to understand or play, so avoid the temptation to start with something overly difficult for you.

Look for sheet music that has many open string notes, repetitive beats, and a moderate or slow tempo for your very first songs. It can also be helpful to choose songs that you already are familiar with and love, as this can also keep you motivated to practice consistently, even when you may not want to.

As you advance through these songs, you can gradually add in faster songs, songs with high fret numbers, and more complex rhythms.


2. Practice Regularly

Without consistent, regular practice, your bass skills will not get better. You should be practicing every day, if possible, and minimally once a week.

Part of your practice should focus on slowly playing through songs and gradually increasing the speed to reach the correct tempo. Go slowly enough that you don’t mess up or stop. If you do, start that section over until you get it down, then move on.

When you first start learning a song, you can listen to it while you read the bass tab and listen for the bass line. This will give you a feel for how the song fits together, how the bassline sounds, and the rhythms involved.


3. Use Technology

You can also take advantage of online tutorials to help you learn. There are many excellent bassists out there who have videos to teach everything from learning bass tabs to learning how to handle the guitar or perform special sounds and movements.

This is especially helpful when you are just starting and need to learn basic guitar techniques, like picking, strumming, and finger placement.

As you advance, you will find tutorials on bending, tapping, alternative tuning methods, and advanced fingering.


4. Ask for Help

If things still seem overwhelming and you’re having a very difficult time learning to read bass tabs, you can always look for a teacher to help. Or, if you’re uncomfortable with that, or unable to hire a teacher, you can always ask a more advanced bassist to help you out.


Reaching Your Goals

The more willing you are to be consistent, to use available resources, and to ask for help, the more quickly you will be able to progress in your bass guitar journey and reach your goals. Set goals for yourself to help measure your progress and do whatever it takes to reach them.


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