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Leon Morris Hendrix, an American painter, songwriter, and musician, was born on January 13, 1948, in Seattle, Washington, and he is best known for being the younger brother of the legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix. While his artistic journey began later in 2002 with the guitar, Leon Hendrix has since released three albums.

This article explores the shared childhood of the Hendrix brothers, their unbreakable bond, the challenges they faced, and Leon’s pursuit of a musical career, all against the backdrop of their parents, James Allen Hendrix and Lucille Jeter.


Hendrix’s Childhood Bonding and Musical Pursuits


As both Jimi Hendrix and Leon Hendrix grew up in Seattle, in the 50s, they had a very tough childhood: their parents, Al Hendrix and Lucille Jeter were frequently absent, either at parties or alcoholized. Leon and Jimi Hendrix lived in extreme poverty, and without some family members or neighbors’ support, they wouldn’t have anyone to take care of them.

Many times, it was the older brother, Jimi, who looked after Leon, being the classic protective older brother. While the rest of the world knew the great guitarist as Jimi Hendrix, Leon Hendrix knew him as “Buster,” his big brother and protector.

However, they lived in a house where their passion for music flourished alongside their deep brotherly bond. Their humble upbringing limited their resources, and they couldn’t afford an electric guitar during their teenage years. Nevertheless, they made the most of what they had, improvising and playing together on an acoustic guitar. Amidst the Hendrix family melodrama, fascinating vignettes reflect Jimi’s dedication, like his attempts to make music with unconventional instruments, such as a one-string ukulele or wires and rubber bands.


Leon Hendrix Challenging Life Circumstances


Despite Jimi Hendrix’s inclination towards music, Leon Hendrix experienced a different path filled with obstacles, such as drugs and crime, stemming from their parents’ broken marriage and substance abuse. While Jimi channeled his energy into music, Leon Hendrix led a life of hustling.

Both brothers had their share of personal struggles. They suffered from the aftermath of a troubled childhood, with Leon battling drug addiction and facing periodic confinement in prison for minor offenses. Tragically, before Jimi Hendrix enlisted in the Army, Leon Hendrix found himself in foster homes, further separating from his older brother.

In a poignant twist of fate, during one of Leon’s incarcerations, Jimi sought to visit and arrange a concert for him. Jimi’s manager, Mike Jeffery, denied this request. The siblings were destined never to meet again. Jimi Hendrix’s death due to an overdose occurred while Leon was still imprisoned. The news of his brother’s passing reached Leon through the radio, a cruel revelation before official confirmation by prison authorities.

This poignant narrative encapsulates the harsh realities of Leon’s life, marked by missed connections, personal struggles, and the poignant loss of a brother he never had the chance to see again.


Leon Hendrix’s Musical Ambitions and Estate Disputes


Despite facing challenges, Leon Hendrix persisted in his passion for music. He aspired to play the guitar like Jimi Hendrix when they were both young but faced resistance from their father, who deemed one guitarist sufficient. “Are you crazy? I already got one idiot playing a guitar,” responded Al Hendrix.

Wanting to follow in his brother’s footsteps, Leon’s journey with music began later in life: he learned to play guitar when he was 50 years old! The Leon Hendrix Band released two albums, Keeper of the Flame in 2006, as well as the earlier Seattle Rain. In 2012, Hendrix published a biography of his brother titled Jimi Hendrix: A Brother’s Story.

Leon also appeared in the 2004 documentary about his brother, Jimi Hendrix: By Those Who Knew Him Best. In 2021, Leon Hendrix released his album “If You Need a Friend”.


Jimi Hendrix’s Estate Fights


When “Al” Hendrix died in 2002, his will designated control of Experience Hendrix, the company overseeing Jimi Hendrix’s estate rights, to Al’s adopted daughter Janie Hendrix and nephew Robert Hendrix. Leon contested the will, seeking to overturn it, but in 2004, the court ruled that he was only entitled to a single gold record left by his father in 2002.

Jimi Hendrix, having no will, defaulted the estate inheritance to Al, who, per Courthouse News, married June Jinka (aka Ayako “June” Fujita) a few years before Jimi Hendrix’s death and adopted her daughter, Janie Jinka. Despite Janie’s limited interactions with Jimi Hendrix, “Al” entrusted her with the estate, cutting Leon from the will. Janie fiercely defended the estate, suing Leon for selling Jimi Hendrix-themed merchandise, prompting Leon’s counter-lawsuit.

In the legal clash between Jimi Hendrix’s estate, led by Janie, and his brother Leon, the countersuit alleges defamation and tortious interference. It explores the family’s complex history, asserting Leon’s exclusion from Jimi Hendrix’s estate benefits and challenging Janie’s control. The countersuit disputes Janie and her companies’ ownership of general publicity or personality rights related to Jimi Hendrix. This legal dispute unveils intricate dynamics in managing the legacy of a legendary musician, exposing familial and business conflicts within the Hendrix estate.

Leon Hendrix is married and is the father of six and grandfather of four. In recent years Leon Hendrix has been attempting to make a living from music and art.





What Challenges Did Leon Hendrix Face in His Life

Leon Hendrix encountered obstacles such as drugs and crime due to their parent’s broken marriage and substance abuse. While Jimi channeled his energy into music, Leon led a life marked by personal struggles, battling drug addiction and experiencing periodic confinement.


Who Owns Jimi Hendrix’s Estate Now?

In his last years, “Al” made significant adjustments to his will, excluding Leon Hendrix from any share of the inheritance. After Al’s passing in 2002, control of the Hendrix estate shifted to Jimi’s step-sister, Janie. Currently, three court cases are unfolding, all tied to Leon’s efforts to secure a portion of the inheritance from the original Jimi Hendrix estate.


How Much Money Does Jimi Hendrix Make?

Ever wondered about Jimi Hendrix’s financial journey? The legendary guitarist and rock icon left us with a modest net worth of just $20,000 upon his death in 1970, which, when adjusted for inflation, translates to approximately $150,000 today. Despite this, Hendrix’s posthumous financial tale is nothing short of extraordinary.

Fast forward to today, and Jimi Hendrix’s estate stands at an impressive $175 million. This remarkable growth is fueled by the enduring success of his music, merchandise, and various ventures. Even though he didn’t amass significant wealth during his lifetime, Hendrix’s influence on the rock music scene has turned his estate into one of the highest-earning legacies among deceased musicians.


Did Jimi Hendrix Have Siblings, Besides Leon Hendrix?

Apart from Leon Hendrix, Jimi Hendrix had three younger siblings: Joseph, born in 1949, Kathy in 1950, and Pamela in 1951. Unfortunately, all of them were given up for foster care and adoption by their parents, Al and Lucille. The family experienced frequent relocations, often residing in budget-friendly hotels and apartments in and around Seattle.


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