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The history of modern music is intertwined with gambling. Millions of rock fans will know the classic song ‘Ace of Spades’ by Motorhead, which features the timeless lyrics ‘If you want to gamble, I tell you I’m your man, you win some, lose some, it’s all the same to me.’  These words perfectly encapsulate what it was to be a rock star during the height of what is now known as the classic rock period. World-conquering bands such as Motorhead, Metallica, and Iron Maiden would routinely play to arena crowds before partying well into the night (and sometimes even on into the few next days).

This risk-taking lifestyle helped to create a reputation for such bands, but the wild nature of their activities also resulted in several untimely deaths of some true rock and roll royalty. Fans of Ozzy Osbourne will recollect how their virtuoso guitarist, Randy Rhoads met an untimely death in 1982 when he was a passenger in a light aircraft that crashed as it was flying dangerously low over the band’s tour bus. This tragedy happened due to a prank that went wrong, but perfectly summed up the ultra-hedonistic lifestyle during the period. In this article, the link between gambling and modern rock music will be explored.


Thrills After a Gig


For many rock artists, the musical performance is an opportunity to indulge in risk-taking behaviour. It’s common to see artists dive into the crowd during the height of their performance or even climb the rigging of the venue that they’re playing in. These artists routinely make risk-taking a part of their live show and the roots of this stretch back decades.

Perhaps one of the most well-known examples of risk-taking behaviour during a performance was when Jimi Hendrix set fire to his electric guitar at the 1967 Monterey International Pop Festival. This action thrilled the crowd and provided an image that still epitomises the spirit of rock and roll decades after the event.

Many artists get a rush of adrenaline before and during their performances. After the show has finished, they may still have this nervous energy stored up and seek to release it by taking risks. Commonly this could be in the form of having a wild party and taking potentially dangerous substances. However, in more modern times, artists look to the thrills and risk-taking nature of online casinos to provide a release of nervous energy after a performance.

Sites such as can provide the perfect outlet as they feature an enthralling range of online slot machines such as 88 Fortunes, Cleopatra, and many more. The bright lights and almost hypnotic sound effects create an atmosphere of excitement where risk and reward are the nature of the game. It’s no surprise that this form of entertainment is favoured by many rock stars and upcoming bands. Put simply, it provides an exciting way to channel the adrenaline that’s produced from playing live.


Risk and Reward in Modern Music

As a brief final point, many upcoming rock artists are gambling their future earning potential in the attempt to become a recognised star. With the time needed to write songs, perfect their chosen instrument, and write original material, many aspiring artists choose to take part-time jobs or not work at all. When you consider that perhaps less than one per cent of bands achieve even a moderate degree of success and recognition, this is a gamble on making it big.

However, the reward for national or even worldwide success as an artist brings with it huge sums of money and a lifestyle that’s envied. For most, this gamble doesn’t pay off, but for a select few bands, they enjoy an extremely financially rewarding career doing what they genuinely love.



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