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‘Tis the season to rock around the Christmas tree! While Santa’s busy checking his list, we’ve curated the ultimate festive playlist that goes beyond the traditional boring stuff. From classic rock legends to contemporary icons, these Christmas rock songs will add a dash of excitement to your holiday celebrations.

We’ve put together a playlist that surely won’t have you tearing your hair out this time of year when you’re out and about, and that one song plays that makes you want to escape the planet. This list plays well on shuffle, on repeat, or however you fancy, helping you avoid drowning in the sea of monotonous tunes that flood the airwaves during this season. Below are just ten, but they’re ten great Christmas jams to get you in the spirit.

See our picks below for the 10 Best Christmas Rock Songs.


1. Chuck Berry: “Run Rudolph Run”

Chuck Berry’s exuberant “Run Rudolph Run,” released in 1958, is a timeless rock Christmas song and a festive anthem that continues to resonate across generations. This iconic track isn’t just a classic; it’s a piece of musical history. With its infectious energy and rhythm, it has become a staple in the holiday playlists of not only fans but also acclaimed artists like Sheryl Crow and Bryan Adams. Berry’s influence shines through, proving that good music knows no bounds, even in the realm of holiday cheer.


2. AC/DC: “Mistress for Christmas

Dive into the festive humor with AC/DC’s Christmas song, “Mistress For Christmas.” Packed with the band’s signature energy, this song, inspired by tabloid headlines about Donald Trump, adds a playful vibe to your holiday festivities. AC/DC, renowned for classics like “Thunderstruck,” made a rocking comeback with the album “The Razors Edge,” solidifying their place in the rock scene. So, as you rock around the Christmas tree, embrace the rebellious spirit of AC/DC—a fantastic addition to your playlist for a lively twist on classic rock Christmas music in the USA


3. Jimi Hendrix: “Little Drummer Boy/Silent Night”

Discover a hidden gem in Jimi Hendrix’s legacy with his forgotten album ‘Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year.’ While his rendition of “Little Drummer Boy/Silent Night” is a timeless masterpiece, released posthumously in 1974, it’s just one piece of this overlooked holiday collection. Jimi Hendrix’s extraordinary guitar skills and innovative musical arrangements shine through, infusing classic Christmas melodies with his signature psychedelic rock style. The fusion of familiar tunes, distinctive guitar riffs, and soulful vocals makes this album, and especially this track, a standout and captivating addition to your holiday playlist.


4. Eric Clapton: “White Christmas”

Delve into the soulful side of the holidays with Eric Clapton’s blues-infused rendition of Bing Crosby’s classic, “White Christmas.” Featured on his album “Happy Xmas,” released in 2018, this track not only showcases Clapton’s legendary guitar prowess but also highlights his ability to reinterpret holiday classics with a bluesy touch. With a career spanning decades, Clapton’s influence on the music scene is profound, and his take on “White Christmas” is a testament to his versatility as an artist.


5. Queen: “Thank God It’s Christmas”

Rock around the Christmas tree with Queen’s standalone festive single, “Thank God It’s Christmas.” Released in 1984, this rock Christmas song is a timeless creation showcasing the band’s musical brilliance. With understated vocals and a powerful chorus by Freddie Mercury, the song not only embodies the spirit of the season but also emphasizes the importance of protecting all creatures on Earth. Despite not belonging to a specific album, this holiday classic is a unique and impactful addition to Queen’s repertoire, making it a must-have for any rock-themed Christmas playlist.


6. The Kinks: “Father Christmas”

The Kinks’ “Father Christmas” unfolds an unusual tale that stands out in classic rock Christmas lore. Released in 1977, this darkly witty track narrates a department store Santa’s unexpected encounter with impoverished kids demanding money instead of toys. The Kinks, with their distinctive style, inject a unique twist into the holiday music scene, blending classic rock vibes with a thought-provoking and unconventional Christmas narrative. “Father Christmas” remains a standout addition to any classic rock Christmas playlist.


7. Brenda Lee: “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

A few days ago, Brenda Lee achieved a remarkable feat, becoming the oldest person to earn a new #1 hit as “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” topped the Hot 100 chart, 65 years after its release.

Brenda Lee’s “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” is more than a hit from 1958; it’s a timeless gift to generations. Recorded when Lee was just 13, this festive anthem gained renewed popularity in 1990, thanks to its inclusion in the film Home Alone. Witnessing Lee’s enduring success, both in her youth and now as a seasoned artist, adds an extra layer of magic to the festive season. 


8. The Pretenders: “2000 Miles”

Chrissie Hynde’s poignant “2000 Miles” is a heartfelt tribute to her late Pretenders bandmate James Honeyman-Scott. This soulful track beautifully balances joy and sorrow, making it a touching addition to your Christmas playlist. Two days after Pete Farndon’s dismissal, Honeyman-Scott, a brilliant guitarist, passed away at 25 due to heart failure caused by cocaine intolerance. His legacy lives on through the enduring impact of their musical collaboration


9. Bob Seger: “The Little Drummer Boy

Bob Seger’s rendition of “The Little Drummer Boy” brings heartfelt rhythms to the festive season. Delve into the story behind this 1987 version, a part of the A Very Special Christmas charity album. Seger’s take, featuring the skilled drumming of ex-Grand Funk drummer Don Brewer, adds a unique rock touch to a cherished holiday tune.


10. The Beach Boys: “Little Saint Nick”

Brian Wilson’s inspiration for “Little Saint Nick” struck during a California date. Explore the origins of this top rock Christmas song, a celebration anthem infused with the quintessential Beach Boys sound. This festive track takes you on a ride with candy apple red bobsleds, capturing the joyous spirit of the season. Brian Wilson’s creative genius shines through, making “Little Saint Nick” a timeless addition to the collection of top rock Christmas songs.



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