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Did Jimi Hendrix have children before he died?

The short answer is, yes! Jimi Hendrix, is said to have had children before his death. Tamika Laurice James Hendrix, born on February 11, 1967, in Minneapolis, MN, is reported to be the oldest daughter of Jimi Hendrix. She was the product of Hendrix’s relationship with Diane Carpenter. In 1966, Diane, aged 16, lived with 23-year-old Hendrix in California and later in New York. She returned to Minneapolis when she became pregnant and there she gave birth to Tamika.

Furthermore, there’s mention of a half-brother, James Daniel Sundquist, born from Hendrix’s relationship with Eva Sundquist. Despite being siblings, Tamika and James reportedly did not share a close bond.

Jimi Hendrix did not publicly recognize any children during his lifetime. In 1975, Swedish courts determined that James Sundquist was a child of Jimi Hendrix. However, this decision was made without the support of blood or DNA testing. In a 1994 legal dispute over inheritance became complicated due to unresolved questions about paternity.

Similarly, Tamika Hendrix has asserted that she is a daughter of Jimi Hendrix. Like with James, no DNA test has been carried out to validate this claim. An inheritance lawsuit filed by her mother in 1972 did not succeed.

Who are the mothers of Jimi Hendrix two sons?


When it comes to Jimi Hendrix personal life, especially regarding family, discussions are riddled with speculation and unconfirmed claims. One claim that has made its way into some discussions is the existence of two sons fathered by Hendrix.

The first son in question is James Sundquist. Born from Hendrix’s brief relationship with Eva Sundquist, James became known when a paternity suit was settled in his favor in the late 1970s, granting him inheritance rights. This lawsuit is one of the few instances where there seemed to be a legal recognition of a child of Jimi .


As for the second son, Tamika Hendrix, she asserts that she is the daughter of Jimi Hendrix and Diana Carpenter. Although she has spoken about her alleged lineage, no definitive DNA tests have been presented publicly to confirm her relation to Hendrix. It’s worth noting that a lawsuit filed by her mother, Diana, in 1972, aiming to claim a part of Hendrix’s inheritance, did not succeed.

Jimi Hendrix’s romantic relationships: a list of his known girlfriends

Jimi Hendrix was not just a musical genius; his charisma and magnetism drew many into his orbit, including a number of high-profile and lesser-known romantic relationships.

  • Linda Keith: Before Jimi became a household name, he had a transformative encounter with Linda Keith, then-girlfriend of Rolling Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards. She was instrumental in introducing Hendrix to key figures in the music industry, catalyzing his rise to fame.
  • Kathy Etchingham: Kathy and Jimi Hendrix shared a deep connection from 1966 to 1969. Living together in London, she became not only a significant romantic partner but also a muse for some of Hendrix’s songs. Their relationship was a rollercoaster of emotions, characterized by both passionate love and intense arguments.
  • Devin Wilson: Known for her connections in the rock world, Devin was romantically involved with Jimi Hendrix during his time in New York. While their relationship was brief, it was notably intense.
  • Monika Dannemann: Perhaps one of the most discussed relationships of Hendrix, Monika Dannemann was the woman with whom he spent his last hours. A figure skater and artist, Dannemann remained vocal about her relationship with Hendrix until her untimely death in 1996. She claimed to have been engaged to him, though this is a topic of some debate.
  • Carmen Borrero: A brief but intense relationship, Carmen Borrero was a fixture in Jimi Hendrix’s life during his time in New York. Their passionate love was also marked by episodes of volatility.
  • Faye Pridgeon: An early girlfriend from his time in Harlem, Faye Pridgeon shared a bond with Jimi Hendrix that was rooted in their mutual dreams of breaking out and achieving greatness. They reconnected at various points throughout his life.
  • Joyce Lucas: Before the height of his fame, Jimi Hendrix shared a deep connection with Joyce Lucas. Their bond was one of mutual artistic appreciation, as Joyce was a fashion designer, creating some iconic pieces for Hendrix.

Apart from these known relationships, Jimi Hendrix was linked with several other women throughout his short but eventful life. His magnetic personality, coupled with the tumultuous rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle of the 1960s, meant he crossed paths with numerous individuals. However, these relationships played varying roles in his life, influencing not only his personal experiences but also his musical output.

Many of the women connected to Jimi Hendrix have, over the years, provided insights into the man behind the legend. Through their accounts, fans gain a more intimate understanding of the artist, seeing past the superstar to the complexities of the individual. The insights, memories, and stories shared by these women paint a multifaceted picture of a man who, though deeply passionate and artistic, grappled with the challenges posed by fame, external expectations, and internal conflicts.

The romantic relationships of Jimi Hendrix add depth to the narrative of his life, offering a glimpse into his vulnerabilities, inspirations, and the profound connections he formed off the stage. Through these relationships, one sees not just the rock icon, but a man in search of love, connection, and understanding in a world that was often chaotic and demanding.




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