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Imagine the electrifying atmosphere of a rock concert, the spotlight shining on a figure with a guitar in hand, bending and contorting his instrument in ways that seem almost supernatural. The crowd roars with excitement as the guitarist unleashes a cascade of sound, all while playing with his teeth! This iconic image belongs to none other than the legendary Jimi Hendrix, who revolutionized the world of music with his innovative techniques and unparalleled talent. But where did Hendrix find the inspiration to play with his teeth? The answer lies in the influence of a remarkable guitarist who paved the way for this jaw-dropping maneuver!

The Bold Revolution: Playing With Teeth

Before we dive into the guitarist who influenced Jimi Hendrix’s teeth-playing prowess, let’s take a moment to marvel at the audacious technique itself. Picture this: Hendrix, eyes closed, guitar neck wedged between his pearly whites. The sheer audacity of his approach captivated audiences and fellow musicians alike, leaving them in awe of his creativity and unconventional style. Where did this specimen come from, could it be from this planet?

Jimi Hendrix’s musical journey was a tapestry woven from a myriad of influences. Drawing inspiration from blues, rock ‘n’ roll, and R&B, he honed a distinctive sound that merged raw emotion with technical prowess. But when it comes to his teeth-playing technique, one guitarist stands out as a pivotal source of inspiration.

After All, Who Was The Mentor Behind The Technique?

Jimi Hendrix’s musical journey was a tapestry of influences. Drawing inspiration from blues, rock ‘n’ roll, and R&B, he honed a distinctive sound that merged raw emotion with technical prowess. But when it comes to his teeth-playing technique, one guitarist stands out as a pivotal source of inspiration.

The Mentor Behind the Technique: Johnny “Guitar” Watson

Meet Johnny “Guitar” Watson, a trailblazing musician whose impact on Hendrix’s technique cannot be overstated. Watson, an American blues, soul, and funk artist, was a virtuoso in his own right. Renowned for his innovative playing style, he pushed the boundaries of guitar manipulation, and it was his audacious approach that left an indelible mark on a young Jimi Hendrix.

Hendrix’s admiration for Watson’s playing style sparked a fire of innovation within him. Watson’s daring guitar maneuvers, including playing with his teeth and behind his back, left Hendrix both inspired and intrigued. Watson’s bold shows not only showed off their technical skills but also proved that the guitar can be a canvas for unique artistic expression.

Alphonso Young’s Theatrical Flourishes

In the documentary “Becoming Jimi Hendrix,” guitarist Alphonso Young suggests that he was the one who gave Hendrix some of the theatrical flourishes that became part of the guitarist’s stage-set. Young remembers, “Jimi’s eye lit up when he first saw me play the guitar with my teeth and behind my back. I was always a show-off. The girls loved it.” This additional layer of influence adds another dimension to the evolution of Hendrix’s jaw-dropping technique.

The Isley Brothers’ Influence

Another intriguing layer to the story unfolds when we look at Hendrix’s time with The Isley Brothers in 1964. It’s said that The Isley Brothers became tired of his attempts to upstage them with his guitar acrobatics. This desire to stand out and make a statement undoubtedly played a role in shaping Hendrix’s determination to develop his signature techniques

Jimi Hendrix Playing Style: A Tradition Of Theatrics

Jimi Hendrix letting his guitar do the talking, even through his teeth.
Credit: picture-alliance/dpa/Bildarchiv

From Jeff Beck to Pete Townshend, many guitarists had their moments of theatrics while performing live. However, Jimi Hendrix took this to a whole new level, by playing with his teeth, behind his back, and even between his legs! These daring displays of showmanship became emblematic of Hendrix’s larger-than-life persona and his commitment to pushing musical boundaries.

Hendrix’s teeth-playing technique was just one facet of his innovative approach to the guitar. His ability to seamlessly incorporate acrobatic maneuvers into his performances elevated his shows to a mesmerizing spectacle. The guitar became an extension of his body, a conduit for his emotions, and a canvas for his boundless creativity.

Hendrix’s teeth-playing technique reverberated through the annals of rock history. Hendrix’s jaw-dropping performances became the stuff of legends, etching his name in the pantheon of rock gods. Fo

For those of us who unfortunately couldn’t witness this meteorite on Earth, we can always watch the legendary performances at the Monterey Pop Festival or Woodstock, to appreciate how ahead of his time Jimi Hendrix was. And yes, there will always be a turning point in history, after this guitar genius landed in London back in 1966.

Did Jimi Hendrix invent teeth-playing?

No, Jimi Hendrix did not invent teeth-playing. He was inspired by the guitarist Johnny “Guitar” Watson, who pioneered this technique. One of the most significant contributions to Hendrix’s playing style was his incorporation of the Chitlin’ Circuit influences. Jimi Hendrix’s exposure to this circuit allowed him to fuse various musical genres, such as rhythm and blues, soul, and funk, into his rock music foundation. This amalgamation of styles set him apart from his contemporaries and contributed to his ability to create music that resonated with a wide and diverse audience.

The following video shows a compilation of Jimi Hendrix, masterfully wielding his guitar with a breathtaking array of techniques. Get ready to witness the legend in action!

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