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Jimi Hendrix’s Relationships: Girlfriends List and Dating History

He possessed an intriguingly unique appearance, garnered fame, accumulated wealth, and strummed the guitar with a passion like his making love with it. Jimi Hendrix engaged in relationships with numerous women, disregarding their social status, skin color, or cultural background. Such conduct was significant controversy during the conservative 1960s

He really had no interest for anything other than music and women. So Jimmy had two areas of expertise: He had his guitar playing, and then he had an immaculate and intense sexuality.‘” – Linda Keith

The list of relationships and groupies that Hendrix had is “endless”. Here in this article, we focus on the most significant ones in Jimi Hendrix’s life.

Betty Jean Morgan

Betty Jean Morgan was an important figure in the early romantic life of Jimi Hendrix. Although not extensively documented, her presence in Hendrix’s life marked a significant period of his personal journey. The relationship ended when Hendrix was in the US Army, despite exchanging numerous love letters. This relationship marked Jimi in such a way that he named one of his guitars after her.

Linda Keith

During the mid-1960s, Linda Keith, the girlfriend of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, entered Jimi’s world. Her influence extended beyond the romantic realm, as she introduced him to music industry figures, aiding in securing his initial record deal. This period marked the onset of his legendary journey. Years later, Jimi wrote a song dedicated to Linda Keith, “Send My Love To Linda”, which showcases the impact she had on his life.

Kathy Etchingham

Among the most prominent figures in Jimi’s love life was Kathy Etchingham. Kathy was Jimi’s muse and confidante. They became a couple during the time of his rise to stardom. Etchingham was the inspiration for many of Hendrix’s compositions including “The Wind Cries Mary”. She provided stability during a tumultuous time in his career. Their relationship spanned from the mid-1960s to the early 1970s, leaving an indelible mark on both of their lives.

Faye Pridgeon

Lithofayne Pridgon aka Faye Pridgeon, was the original “Foxy Lady” of Jimi Hendrix’s life. From Sam Cooke to Sly Stone, she captivated legends. The muse behind “Foxy Lady,” engaged with talents like Jackie Wilson, Marvin Gaye, and James Brown. Like Hendrix, Faye was the woman he could never quite date exclusively, because she was too free spirited to be tied to one man.

Devon Wilson

Devon Wilson was a model and actress who shared an intense and tumultuous relationship with Hendrix. Their passionate connection was marred by drug use and instability, embodying the complexities of the 60’s. Devon Wilson was also a muse to Hendrix who him to write the song “Dolly Dagger”, and even today, the circumstances of her death remain a mystery.

Jimi Hendrix Danelectro Guitar with the name of his girlfriend, Betty Jean
Jimi Hendrix Danelectro Guitar with the name of his girlfriend, Betty Jean
Credit: Inspire Uplift
Model Linda Keith, Keith Richards Girlfriend in the 60s
Model Linda Keith, Keith Richards Girlfriend in the 60s
Credit: Huffpost
Jimi Hendrix London Girlfriend Kathy Etchingham
Jimi Hendrix London Girlfriend Kathy Etchingham
Credit: Medium
Jimi Hendrix with Lithofayne Pridgon
Jimi Hendrix with Lithofayne Pridgon
Credit: TheTimes
Jimi Hendrix and Devon Wilson on a back stage concert for peace
Jimi Hendrix and Devon Wilson on a back stage concert for peace
Credit: Fred W McDarrah


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