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Early Days with The Animals and Transition to Management

Chas Chandler first gained prominence as the bassist of the iconic band The Animals in the early 1960s, carving its name in history with hits like “House of the Rising Sun.” While his contributions to the band were pivotal, Chandler’s aspirations extended beyond his role as a performer. Following his tenure with The Animals, Chandler found himself drawn to the business of music industry. Recognizing his innate knack for management, he embarked on a new path that would define his legacy. This transition was marked by a alliance with a young guitarist poised to revolutionize the history on rock music – Jimi Hendrix.

The Fateful Encounter

Chas Chandler’s career trajectory took a monumental turn thanks to a chance conversation with Linda Keith in 1966, then the girlfriend of Keith Richards from The Rolling Stones. It was in a club in London that Linda Keith first saw an extraordinary guitarist named Jimi Hendrix, urging Chandler to witness this prodigious talent in firsthand. Intrigued by Linda’s enthusiasm, Chas Chandler flew to the United States in September 1966 to witness Jimi Hendrix’s electrifying live performance. It was at a concert at the Cheetah Club in New York City that Chandler was captivated by Hendrix’s unparalleled guitar skills. Little did he anticipate that this encounter would kickstart a transformative partnership, reshaping the trajectory of both their lives.

Chas Chandler as a bassist for the band The Animals
Chas Chandler as a bassist for the band The Animals
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Jimi Hendrix – Birth of a Legend

Jimi Hendrix’s virtuosity and innovative guitar prowess left Chas Chandler awe-struck. Recognizing the huge potential within Hendrix, Chandler assumed the role of manager, steering Hendrix’s career towards unprecedented heights and ensuring his meteoric rise within the music industry. Under Chandler’s astute guidance, Jimi Hendrix skyrocketed to stardom, producing groundbreaking albums and delivering legendary live performances. Their partnership, which began in the fall of 1966, continued until June 1969 when Chandler ceased to be Hendrix’s manager.

The encounter that united Chandler and Hendrix, instigated by Linda Keith’s insight, stands as a cornerstone moment in the narrative of rock history.

What prompted Chas Chandler’s transition from a musician to an artist manager?

Chas Chandler’s transition from a musician to an artist manager was primarily prompted by his desire to continue being involved in the music industry while seeking a more stable and influential role. Chandler had initially gained fame as the bassist of the British rock band The Animals, known for hits like “House of the Rising Sun.” However, as the music industry evolved and the demands of touring and performing took their toll, Chandler began to explore other avenues within the industry.

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