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The Impact of Jimi Hendrix’s Mother Lucille Jeter: Love, Life, and Music

Every legendary figure has a powerful story. Jimi Hendrix’s mother, Lucille Jeter, nurtured his passion, inspiring heartfelt songs like ‘Little Wing’ & ‘Angel’.

Lucille Jeter was born on December 27, 1925, in Seattle, Washington. Despite facing racial segregation, she was determined to create a better life for her family. In 1942, Lucille became a mom to Jimi Hendrix. She nurtured his love for the guitar from a young age, forming an emotional connection with music.

Songs Inspired by Jimi Hendrix’s Mother, Lucille Jeter

Jimi Hendrix’s musical prowess was magnificently displayed on his 1967 album “Axis: Bold as Love,” where two of his most emotionally charged songs, “Little Wing” and “Angel,” were born. Both tracks were profoundly inspired by his mother, Lucille Jeter, and beautifully capture the essence of their bond.

Jimi Hendrix second album "Axis: Bols as Love" Cover Wallpaper
Jimi Hendrix second album “Axis: Bols as Love” Cover Wallpaper
Credit: rockronologia

“Little Wing”:

Embedded within the album “Axis: Bold as Love,” “Little Wing” stands as a soul-stirring masterpiece that pays tribute to Jimi’s mother. The song’s tender lyrics and intricate guitar work evoke a sense of tender protection, much like the comforting presence of a guardian angel. Jimi’s admiration and appreciation for his mother’s are evident as he delicately heartfelt emotions into every note.


Another treasure, “Angel”, echoes Jimi’s immense gratitude for Lucille Jeter’s unyielding love and guidance throughout his life. The song’s lyrics resonate with heartfelt appreciation for the sacrifices she made to nurture his musical dreams.

[Verse 1]

Angel came down from heaven yesterday

She stayed with me

Just long enough to rescue me

And she told me a story yesterday

About the sweet love between

The moon and the deep blue sea

And then she spread her wings high over me

She said she is going to come back tomorrow


And I said, “Fly on, my sweet angel

Fly on through the sky

Fly on my sweet angel

Tomorrow I’m going to be by your side”

[Verse 2]

Sure enough this morning came unto me

Silver wings silhouetted against the child’s sunrise

And my angel she said unto me

“Today is the day for you to rise

Take my hand, you are going to be my man

You are going to rise”

And then she took me high over yonder


And I said, “Fly on, my sweet angel

Fly on through the sky

Fly on my sweet angelForever I will be by your side”


Lucille Jeter’s love and influence played a vital role in shaping Jimi Hendrix’s musical journey, leaving behind a lasting legacy of heartfelt songs and inspiration. The presence of Lucille Jeter’s influence on these songs extended far beyond the album’s initial release. “Little Wing” and “Angel” have become enduring classics, cherished by generations of music lovers. The emotional depth and artistry of these tracks are a testament to the profound impact Lucille had on her son’s creative spirit.

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