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Before you go poking around for the best travel hacks for music festivals, you need to have tickets to the event. Nowadays, it feels like getting tickets to anything is impossible. Not only are they too expensive, but bots and scalpers are lurking in the shadows to snatch up any loose tickets, meaning genuine fans miss out time after time.

It’s frustrating, especially if you’ve waited for years for your favorite act to come to your city. But, there are some solutions you can try to ensure you always have a chance to get tickets on the day and even after everything has sold out. If you’re tired of missing out on all the fun, here are seven tips to maximize your chances of getting gig tickets.

Make Sure Your Computer Is Ready

The last thing you want to do is open your computer minutes before the tickets go on sale and find it requires an essential update that could take hours. Making sure your computer is ready will avoid plenty of heartbreak and confirming these details to improve speed will also help you fly through web pages to be certain you’re there when you need to be and avoid a massive queue. You may benefit from doing a test run the night before to make sure everything is ready.

Get All Your Details Right

You should also make sure all your details are correct. Some festivals like Glastonbury have account numbers you need to input to be granted a ticket (if you get that far, that is), and if your number isn’t right, you won’t be able to get across the finish line. Make sure you check (and double-check) everything before doing anything so that you’re not disappointed or potentially ruin other people’s chances of attending. If you have Google Pay or similar services that autofill your details, you put yourself in a stronger position, too.

Work With Friends

Many festival goers will take advantage of being able to purchase multiple tickets. You can often buy up to six per transaction, so work with friends you trust to order the tickets for you. The more people who are involved, the bigger your chances of getting the tickets you want. Of course, if you don’t want to share sensitive banking information, you may need to go it alone.

Sign Up for Presales

Presales are a fantastic way to get in the day before others and ensure you have more chances of getting a ticket. You can usually expect that presales will not have as much demand, although there won’t be as many tickets, which balances things out. The best benefit is that you still have a chance for general sale, so even if you don’t manage to get a presale ticket, you can still try again.

Try Multiple Devices

Multiple devices can also maximize your opportunity to guarantee you’re there when your favorite band comes to town. Your phone, laptop, computer, and tablet are all essential for getting through the ordering screen. You’ll need to act quickly though, and even jump between devices if necessary. However, this can also be a stressful experience as you get muddled with which device is best.

Do Not Refresh The Page

It may seem like the page isn’t doing anything. Instead, it’s just a blank screen. You may think the website has crashed or the link is broken and you’re tempted to refresh it, but this isn’t a good idea. Many ticket-buying platforms will automatically refresh. If you do it yourself, you may lose your place in the queue.

Don’t Give Up Too Soon

Anyone who’s tried and failed to purchase concert and festival tickets knows how much it hurts. But you mustn’t give up too soon, even if the website tells you all the tickets have sold out in record time. While they may no longer be available to buy through this platform, you might still be able to get them later. Tickets could become available closer to the date, or attendees might realize they can’t go. Hopefully, they’ll sell the tickets for face value or even at a discount if they’re desperate to get rid of them.

You Were There

Music gigs and five-day festivals are an experience like no other. Whether you adore all types of music or are trying to expand your horizons, these tips should help you find the best ways to make sure you are there. If not front and center, at least you’ll have a night or even a weekend that you won’t forget.

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