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Everything You Need To Know About Tab Sheet Music

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Learning to play an instrument is one of life’s most rewarding hobbies. Aspiring musicians must consistently devote time to learning and practicing their preferred instrument to gain true proficiency.

Although carving time out of a busy schedule is a substantial challenge for many, there are solutions to this common hurdle. Tab sheet music is one of the easiest ways to maximize your learning potential.

What Is Tab Sheet Music?

A tab, short for tablature, is a type of sheet music notation that tells a string instrumentalist which strings or combination of strings to pluck to produce the intended notes. Tabs differ from standard music notation because they do not require that a musician be able to read traditional sheet music to play the given piece.

For many, the inability to read music is the primary barrier to entry into the music world, but tabs eliminate this particular hurdle. While tab sheet music does not provide rhythm or pitch, as do standard notations, their simplicity enables musicians to master a song or complex chord sequence in a shorter time frame.

How It Works

At first glance, tabs look remarkably similar to standard sheet music. However, the difference is evident if you look at the number of lines on display. Sheet music uses five horizontal lines, each representing a different pitch. In contrast, a tab has the same number of lines as an instrument has strings.

For example, guitar tab sheet music includes six lines. Each line represents one of the six strings found on a standard guitar. Since the typical ukulele has only four strings, ukulele tab sheet music contains only four lines.

Who Can Use It

The only prior knowledge you need to understand tab sheet music is which line corresponds with which string on your instrument. Their simplicity and accessibility make tabs preferable to sheet music for beginner musicians or those hoping to master a particularly difficult section of a song. Though tabs have been available for many instruments over the years, they are now most commonly used by string instrumentalists. Guitar tab sheet music is especially popular, enabling guitarists at any level to learn a wide array of available chords and songs.

When Should You Choose Tab Sheet Music Over Traditional Music Notation?

Tab sheet music is ideal for those who cannot yet read traditional music notations, but there are times when its usage is not practical. Before searching for sheet music, consider when it is most advantageous to rely on each type.

When To Use Tab Sheet Music

Entering the music industry can be prohibitively expensive, but tabs allow young musicians to jumpstart their own learning. Aspiring instrumentalists need not hire a music teacher or learn standard notation to access tab sheet music. It is also easier to find tab sheet music online for free. This ease of access opens doors to those who might otherwise be unable to afford necessary industry costs.

Many cons to using tabs have been eliminated over the years. Although tabs do not provide as much information as standard notations, contemporary adaptations help players discern a piece’s appropriate pitch and rhythm. These updates help refute the argument that tab sheet music is inferior to traditional sheet music, because it provides an incomplete picture of how the music should sound.

Nevertheless, even the most experienced musicians occasionally rely on tabs to guide them through challenging sections of songs. For example, guitar tab sheet music can help guitarists learn a particularly speedy or complex guitar riff.

When To Use Standard Sheet Music

Despite its progress, tab sheet music lacks the specificity that makes traditional sheet music the preference of musical experts. While you may be able to get away with a tabs-only approach to music at first, you will likely want to learn to read sheet music if you plan to advance your knowledge of music and musical instruments.

Learning traditional notation is especially important if you wish to play multiple instruments, as tabs are generally limited to the string instrument family. Being able to read music is an easily transferable skill that, once mastered, enables you to play any instrument with minimal practice.

Where Can You Find Guitar Tab Sheet Music?

Since anyone can upload tabs to the internet, you must verify a tab’s accuracy before learning it. Pull guitar tab sheet music from a reputable website with clear sources to avoid technical issues with notation. Let your ears guide you, too. If a piece sounds off, examine another tab for comparison.

Guitar tab sheet music helps burgeoning musicians break into the industry thanks to its low cost and access to chords and songs that might otherwise be too advanced. While it has its limitations, especially for professional instrumentalists, tablature’s simplicity and accessibility make it an excellent introduction to the world of music.


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