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Music is the window to the soul; and it performs an important job in all aspects of our lives. Music has been around since the dawn of time and has acted as a mode of expression for all, but in recent years it has also been used for specific purposes.

In movies – music can provide either tension, worry, unease, happiness, or melancholy.

In gaming – music can provide tension and raise adrenaline, making you pepped up for a fight.

But what does music have to do with sport?

Well today we want to take a look at some of the ways that music can influence sport and how this can make a big difference to the sporting world as a whole.



It provides escapism

The first thing that music can do for the sporting world is provide a sense of escapism for the athlete as well as the spectator. When watching a football game for example it is important for you to pay attention and feel as if you are immersed in the experience. Well placed music in the background of a game is there to pull you in and make you feel as if you are part of the action. This kind of escapism will make you feel as if you are somewhere else and it will also allow you to feel happier and more relaxed.


It peps you up

Let’s say you’re watching Cowboys vs Seahawks: you want to feel pepped up and ready to cheer, right? Music can be used in football games and other sporting events to help pep up the audience and make them excited. You’ll likely hear music that has a hum of percussion making you anticipate the next move; and this is an effective trick to get you involved and excited in sport when you tune in.


It diverts attention

When involved in a sporting event there is often a lot of things going on and it may be difficult to stay focused on just one thing. However; this is why music is there. Music can divert your attention away from the stuff around you and make you focus on the event itself.


It makes your heart pound

Have you ever noticed when you are watching a scary movie, that there is always a change in music before a jumpscare? Or when you are playing a video game, the music gets louder when you are about to fight someone? There is a great reason for this – to get your heart pounding. The real purpose of music in events and arts like these is to make you feel anticipation, to get you riled up, and to awaken your fight or flight response by raising adrenaline. It is a clever trick to allow you to get the most out of a movie or a game, and to make you feel like something is about to happen when watching a sporting event or game.


It gets athletes in the zone

For the athlete themselves, music plays an important role in getting them ready to perform and be the best they can be. Music allows athletes to get themselves in the zone and ready for their performance. Often an athlete will listen to music before they go out to get them in the right headspace and ensure that they can perform the best they can.


It can influence timing

If you enjoy fitness and often go to the gym, you will notice that music plays an important part in influencing timing. When you are performing a move such as squats or burpees, a well placed beat in a song can influence your pace as you will try to subconsciously move to the music. This is why many personal trainers and online classes will use music in their workouts, because it forces you to try and pick up the pace and work harder for your fitness goals.


It invokes happiness

An important part of sport and fitness is the feeling of happiness. We all want to feel happy when watching or participating in sport, and upbeat music helps the brain release serotonin to invoke this emotion in us all. The happier you are, the more likely you are to pay to see your favorite team again so it really benefits them to play this kind of music!


The next time you watch a game or play a video game; listen out for the changes in music and see how important music can be to every aspect of our lives. You’d be surprised the impact music has even when we don’t know it’s there!


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