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The digital age is a beautiful thing because it allows artists to get their music out to the masses in an affordable and accessible manner. However, it does inevitably mean that the level of competition is at an all-time high. Groups and singers that fail to stand out from the crowd consequently run the risk of getting lost among it.

While there’s no exact science to getting noticed, several steps can be taken to make the chances a lot higher. First and foremost, there must be talent. Here are the best ways to help it shine through.


Develop A Craft

There’s no substitute for hard graft and experience. Even the ultra-talented stars had to develop their craft. Ed Sheeran’s early career is a prime example as he would play hundreds of small gigs over the course of a year. Each set was another lesson. Another learning curve. Another chance to become a better singer. And boy did it pay off in the long run.

Developing a craft may mean gigging. In the current climate writing and recording videos to put online can be a good exercise too. One way or another, the more hours spent learning to play, write, or sing will lead to improved skills. Even when individual sessions or projects don’t go to plan, the content may catch the eye of someone important.

Or it could inspire the next development that allows individuals to find their voice and find a unique take that builds a star quality. In turn, it can take self-confidence to new heights.


Develop True Performance Skills

In addition to becoming a better singer or band, artists must focus on live performance. Stagecraft is a valuable skills that can add a whole new level of attraction to the act. Given that booking fees are a key moneymaker early on, it should play a key role. Besides, ticket sales can generate millions for established acts. So, the immediate benefits are followed by long-term rewards.

Stage presence can take many forms. For some, like Liam Gallagher, it’s as simple as standing with swagger. For an artist like P!nk, a concert can feel like watching a stage show as well as a singer. All artists should spend time developing the skills while respecting limitations. The holograms and firework displays aren’t exactly suitable for an upcoming act performing in front of 200 people.

Still, the ability to command the stag before captivating the audience with the songs is a gift. And it will ensure that the artist stands out in a far more memorable fashion.

Invest In The Look

Personal image is a key feature of pop music, and it has been for generations. Whether it’s eccentric fashion like David Bowie or sex appeal like hundreds of singers through the decades doesn’t matter. The right appearance can create an extra source of interest before a song has even started. Likewise, it can make a statement about the artist’s style and personality.

There’s nothing to force users into emulating the crazy Lady Gaga outfits of previous years. Even subtle image switches like new eyewear can create the desired outcome. Individuals can visit website domains dedicated to eye glasses. Meanwhile, upcycled fashion and unique styles are capable of delivering a distinct look. Crucially, the best solutions are unforgettable.

The right look doesn’t make much of an impact if it isn’t followed up in the right way. Still, it certainly feeds into the concept of standing out and is something all artists can use to their advantage.


Be Involved In The Industry

Making music should be a priority at all times. Nonetheless, musicians can get their names out there by being around the industry. While attending events like award ceremonies helps build the profile, modern times call for modern methods. Singers, bands, and musicians can reach consumers directly. They can do it through various channels even without singing a note.

One of the best options right now is to host a podcast. Musicians simply need to check hosting options and invest in the right equipment. The content itself can help establish the voice of authority, showcase personality, and give a taster of their music. As a tool for music promotions and building a rapport with potential listeners, it is one of the best options out there.

Press interviews and public appearances are ideal for those that have already gained a little local fame. However, it may not be an avenue that’s open to those that are still starting out.


Build Excitement In Products

When making music is a commercial venture, it must be viewed as a business. Therefore, the brand image is a crucial factor. When listeners become loyal fans that will be willing to spend money on products, a future in music becomes far more likely. While building an audience is a natural prerequisite, there is no room for overlooking the value of attractive products.

Spotify and other streaming platforms are at the heart of the modern listening experience. Still, physical products continue to provide a more tangible value. Custom CD printing and vinyl publishing can lead to financial rewards. Even on a limited run, the collectible nature can see interest levels rise at a rapid rate. T-shirts, mugs, plectrums, and other features can be added too.

The concept of selling both related and unrelated items never ends. Even the global stars like Ariana Grande boast perfume ranges and items like jewelry. If it makes fans feel closer, it’ll work well.



Music is one of those unique industries where fellow professionals aren’t really in competition with each other. Instead, other artists can often surface as the best assets at a musician’s disposal. Networking and collaboration allows talented people to join forces. By combining their talents and musical inputs, there is an opportunity to create something fresh and exciting.

Moreover, joint promotion and marketing endeavors will grow a bigger audience. It’s not stealing listeners because people can follow as many artists as they like. As well as connecting with other artists, singers can find producers online and other people that work behind the scenes. From a perspective of creativity, it can open the door to fresh ideas.

Some of the most popular songs ever were made through collaborations. From pop artists to rappers, considering the prospect of collaboration is vital.


Create A Music Video

Video killed the radio star, and it still has a major role to play. While music videos arguably don’t have the same sense of excitement that they once enjoyed. Nonetheless, they continue to provide an easy way to grow interest in a specific song and an artist’s overall progress. Iconic videos additionally ensure that a song will be remembered for years to come.

Even upcoming artists can make great videos without a major budget. Lyric videos have become particularly popular. They allow listeners to familiarize themselves with a tune in superfast times. Meanwhile, videos that show footage from gigs are ideal. Another option is to team up with student filmmakers in a mutually beneficial agreement.

Either way, videos can now be hosted on social media and shared by fans online. The days of relying on TV music channels are long gone, creating a much better situation for new artists.


Record Covers

Cover songs aren’t only great for developing your craft. It can be a great way to get noticed. For starters, millions of users encounter covers on YouTube every single day simply by searching the song title. If they like what they hear, they may subsequently check the artist’s entire back catalog on the platform as well as other places.

Perhaps an even bigger reward is when the original artist shares the song. This can shoot an upcoming artist into the public spotlight to win them a lot of new fans. In some cases, cover songs can lead to record deals or offers to be a support act too. When making a cover, though, singers should stamp their personality on the track. A good quality karaoke version won’t suffice.

While creating a long list of covers without any original material can soon get tedious, the value of cover songs should not be ignored. Not least in regards to getting noticed early on.


Engage With Fans

Talent is a wonderful thing but it can only go so far. If fans cannot resonate with an artist, it’s unlikely that the musician will have a future. Regular engagement with fans through videos, video chats, and social interactions can work wonders. Meanwhile, bands and singers can build a strong reputation by talking to their fans at gigs and performances.

Fan engagement makes followers feel as though they are part of the journey. Their subsequent enthusiasm for the music will encourage friends to listen too. The power of recommendation is a hugely powerful tool. The methods used have evolved but the basic concept of fan power can be linked way back to the Beatles. If it worked for them, it can work for anyone.

Besides, developing a clear place in the market is another step that helps artists gain visibility in the right areas. In turn, the artist will be perfectly placed to maximize their star potential.

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