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Video gaming is all the rage and now you can play online, offline, via your mobile or via your PC. But can you imagine a gaming realm, one where there is an intense action scene and there is no music backing it up? Can you imagine, throughout the entire game, all you can hear are the empty sound effects lacking the very music that makes action and suspense scenes the best suspense scenes. In honour of the all-time best music ever created for video games, we take a walk down memory lane and appreciate some of the greatest tracks that we first heard gaming and immediately had to download!


Video Slots Gaming

There is no particular game which introduced us to music, although there might be one or two video slots games which have for some. The online casino gaming market platforms hundreds of thousands of video slots. Each has a different genre and music is one of them. Some video slots are based on music icons like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Kiss, Guns ‘n Roses and so many more. So you see, we had to mention video slots gaming. Join NoviBet here and check out what other hits there are.


Need for Speed

Need for Speed was designed and launch for PlayStation consoles initially, but through quality music and a soundtrack that was specifically created for the game, Need for Speed grew its fan base and soon you could hear the tracks booming in the clubs. Then the movie was created and once again you had another soundtrack with some awesome beats, R&B, hip hop tracks and even a hint of dub step.



The famous console and PC game industry has been garnering attention since its release and players are appreciating the music which has been specifically designed for each level, challenge and task which has seemed to have had a positive effect on the masses.


Tony Hawk Pro Skater

The older game still has quite the reputation and the music built into this skating sensation can be recognized almost instantly if you have ever played the really cool street skating PC game. Some of the tracks include numbers from top chart pop-punk rock bands such as Goldfinger, Rage against the Machine, House of Pain and numerous others. The game was enjoyed both for its intense gaming experience and the soundtrack that was so masterfully put together.

Other video games are appreciated for their soundtracks which are unique to the game having been designed and developed purely for the existence of the video game. Some of these soundtracks are signature tracks and includes video gaming hits Mario Brothers, Leisure Suit Larry, System Shock 2 and Skies of Arcadia.

All we can say is that we are totally feeling the collaboration between video gaming and quality sound track music. Whether this has been designed for the game or during game play you hear one of your artists drop a beat, it’s going to change the way you game, after all music is king!


Is just a guy who got tired of bothering his friends talking about music, and decided to create a blog to write about what he loves the most.
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