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There are so many incredible TV series that it is literally impossible to create a top 100 TV series article that everyone will agree to. However, when it comes to such movies, not all of them have great soundtracks. This is a shame since having a really good soundtrack will add a lot of personality and tone to the TV series, all while acting as an effective storytelling device.

Modern TV is all about creating a complete experience so it should be no surprise to see the attention put on the music chosen. The following TV series instantly stand out because of their soundtracks, besides the acting, plots, writing and so on.


Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is incredibly popular, constantly captivating audiences and bringing in new viewers. This is in part due to the carefully chosen soundtrack that is simply essential. There are many styles and genres covered, all proving that music can easily enhance storytelling.



Fox’s highly successful soap opera, Empire, is all about a modern hip-hop mogul that works hard to keep the family together and grow the business. The TV series was quickly successful and was mainly curated by Timbaland. There are numerous new songs recorded just for the movie but the soundtrack also features iconic tracks from Prince, Pharrell, Jay Z, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Mary J. Blige and so many more.



Fargo was built around a cult classic movie and stands out as a saga of unforgettable characters, absurd humor and incredible music. The movie was set in the year 1979 and has a really good cast. Its soundtrack was carefully chosen by Marguerite Phillips and Noah Hawley. Its score was recorded by John Russo. Watch Fargo if you want to listen to some great late seventies rock music.


Friday Night Lights

Peter Berg created Friday Night Lights, a series that was built around Dillon, Texas, a fictional town. The focus is put on the football team for the local high school. The series’ success appeared because of the wonderful characters and the carefully chosen soundtrack. There are many original songs that were released with this series and that were highly successful but the soundtrack also features iconic music tracks, ranging from hip-hop to indie rock.


Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls had 7 seasons and was highly successful. This was mainly because of the really fast-paced dialogue, the cool characters and the writing. However, everything was made even better when music started playing. The entire soundtrack was varied and is still remembered by fans.


How To Make It In America

Although the series was rather short, the story of Cameron and Ben is known by many. These characters keep trying to find brand new ways to get the money they need to pay rent. Some of the schemes are quite hilarious and the soundtrack is really varied and powerful. You can expect a great mix of rock, pop, electronica and even hip-hop.


The Leftovers

Last but not least, HBO’s The Leftovers is appreciated by so many these days. The topic is interesting as a rapture basically hit Earth. The entire movie is frustrating, depressing and sometimes bleak. However, it is also exciting and deeply moving. The soundtrack is unique and brilliant, showing a mix of soul, hip-hop, metal, indie and country.


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