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Why Can Radiohead Songs Be Highly Useful for Writing Your Essays?

Need inspiration or some help to write your essay? Then, try to listen to Radiohead as they can give you plenty of writing ideas.

Students search for inspiration, especially when they don’t know how to go about an assignment. Inspiration comes in different forms, listening to music while writing is one of the best sources of inspiration one can use. Music is a tool that can be highly useful when writing your essays because the lyrics of a song can inspire students and enhance their creativity to develop a professional essay.


More about Radiohead

Radiohead has historically produced inspirational music that resonates among teenagers. Radiohead is an English rock band formed in 1985 in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. The band members consist of Thom Yorke, Ed O’brien, Phil Selway, Jonny Greenwood, and Colin Greenwood. The band has been around for over 31 years, making it one of the most popular bands because its original members are still the current members.

The band was formerly known as On A Friday, a name they choose because they could only practice on Friday while still at school. One interesting fact is that all the five members attended Abingdon School in Oxfordshire. They later changed its name to Radiohead after being inspired by Talking Heads. The english group has sold over 30 million albums, making it one of the best rock bands in history.


Songs by Radiohead which Can Be Highly Useful for Writing

Whether we are writing a story, an article, or an essay, being in the mood to write is important to develop a great content. The meaning behind various music lyrics can help you think of several ways of enhancing your essays. Students can develop imaginary scenes and improve their writing skills depending on the type of music they are listening to. The type of music we have on our playlist creates an aura that changes our moods. Choosing the right songs will enable students to develop the right mood that is needed to develop a perfect essay.

Radiohead is among the very few bands that have existed for several years releasing nine studio albums. Listening to Radiohead music brings some good feeling. Listening to Thom Yorke’s wailing to Phil Selway and Colin Greenwood’s grooves with hums from Ed O’brien and Jonny Greenwood’s guitar lines is to experience joy.

If you want to present professional content, the type of music you listen to matters; good music needs to inspire good feelings that resonate with the theme of your essay.  For instance, OK Computer, the third album with 12 tracks released by Radiohead presents the sense of struggling to cope with the changing nature of humans. The lyrics contain a mixture of overheard conversations, creating unusual reverberation with what one is trying to do.

One of the songs Airbag, consists of computer-constructed atmosphere with an enshrouded reverberating guitar to present the mid-90s rock music.  The song is built upon Phil Selway drumming rearranged to present a different and refreshing feeling. However, the Lukewarm also known as 2+2=5, released in 2003 from its sixth album, is also an inspiration.


2+2=5 (Lukewarm)

The song is an inspiration from George Orwell‘s novel of Nineteen Eighty-Four.  George’s book talks about replacing people’s conscience and beliefs with those beliefs imposed from above. One of the things that make Radiohead’s songs different is its sounds.  The song 2+2=5 uses an unusual interval of harmonies to produce some inspiration sounds that can lift your mood while writing.

The true meaning of the song is that people can be made to believe anything even when the truth is evident. Because of power, some people take advantage of others to control them.  The novel by George Orwell where Big Brother is teaching people to reject what they once knew to be true. According to Orwell, two plus two equals four is not true. Instead, he believes that two plus two equal five. This is the theme that correlates with the Radiohead song Lukewarm.



Final Notes

Using Radiohead songs like the Lukewarm, students can be inspired to write novels or inspiring essays because they will be thinking differently.  Listening to music is among the several ways to help students improve their focus while writing. It’s not a secret that many students worry about delivering quality essays within a specified time frame. Some of them even prefer using cheap essay writing services instead of writing themselves. However, Radiohead can be of great help as their songs can indeed inspire you to do it yourself.

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