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3 Awesome Benefits To Becoming An Amateur Musician

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Playing a musical instrument is one of the most wonderful and rewarding pursuits you can begin. It nourishes the soul for very many reasons. Learning to play the guitar, especially the classic ones, is also one way to become an amateur musician. ClassicalGuitarShed is among the best when it comes to learning classic guitars.

While playing the guitar doesn’t contribute anything that we’d call ‘purposive work,’ the ability to play and progress in your ability is absolutely not frivolous. In fact, it’s very important for us to develop and express ourselves. Speak to any long-term musician, and they will tell you that learning to play an instrument was one of the most rewarding pursuits which helped them cement and ferment a love for music.

The three most important things you learn from playing music are as follows:


It’s The Best Way To Learn Discipline

Some people learn discipline in the military, some use it to acquire that high-paying yet stressful job, and some people learn it to overcome difficult life challenges felt at rock bottoms such as solving addictions or harmful behavior. All of these methods have a feeling of desperation at their root, a desperation to be competent. However, playing an instrument teaches you discipline in completely the opposite way. It reveals itself to you as interest and excitement to get better and express yourself even more accurately than you ever have before.

As a result, you’ll likely be scouring for a regular practice time in your schedule, as well as visiting and developing a relationship with a potential teacher. If you can push through that initial period where quite frankly you will suck at playing, small incremental progression in your playing can be achieved if you stick to it. Follow the guide at GuitarGraph.com to employ the best methods to stick at your hobby and make it work for you in the most fun way you possibly can.



It’s The Best Way To Socialize

Having a coffee with a friend is a fun way to socialize, as is playing a sport, but there’s nothing quite like jamming out with friends and friends-to-be alike, all on the same musical wavelength just giving it all you have, not being afraid of looking silly. The deepest friendships are formed in the creative pursuit. Very soon after becoming competent with an instrument, you’ll be trawling social media and the internet to find a group of jamming buddies who may even develop into the next all-star band.


It’s Reasonably Priced

While it’s not overly cheap acquiring the first musical instrument you play, especially if trying to learn piano or acquire a great first drum kit, luckily that piece of equipment can last you years and will give you plenty of time to work at it before you move onto something more advanced. If starting guitars, you needn’t spend more than $150 to set up everything, and most people hold their first guitar as a sentimental piece of memorabilia that can be fixed and repaired over the years as necessary. Thanks to the online prevalence of instructional videos, there are many amazing guides that can even prevent the need to visit a teacher, at least initially.

If you don’t play an instrument, what are you waiting for? Pick up the instrument of your choice and join the community spirit surrounding it. It’ll likely be the best decision you’ve ever made.



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