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Think hard rock is the music of sullen, aggressive, not too educated teenagers? Believe that classical melodies can make you a calm, refined, intelligent listener? Then this article is just for you! In the lines below, Lucy Adams, an author of college essays about music, will dispel the most common myth about rock!


Rock Music of the 80s’ and Its Influence on the Psychological State of the Listener

The negative effect of rock music on the psychological state of teenagers is one of the most popular arguments of the older generation against listening hard rock. It’s believed that music styles directly correspond to the inner state of a person, as well as its character traits and IQ. Well, this statement has the ground, but we should not lump all music lovers together!

In the 80s’, rockers were treated as Satanists! Gloomy guys and girls in leather jackets with rivets scared grandmothers sitting on the on benches and actively arguing on what the world has come to. What was the reason for such an attitude? I believe that’s the rebellious spirit of the epoch that formed the stereotype that fans of rock music are dangerous, antisocial personalities. Another common opinion was that cheerful music raises the mood while sad and gloomy melodies, on the contrary, cause depression.


Scientific Studies

But let’s turn to science. There was a study on the relationship between the music and the mood, the character, and the level of intelligence of the listeners. The results were a big surprise!

  • Not all people in a bad mood are encouraged to listen to pop music or classical works. The dissonance between the moods of the singer and the listener can drive a person into an even deeper depression. At the same time, hysterical songs give a feeling of empathy. So if your friend listens to sad ballads, do not blame him for it – maybe, this is his personal way of therapy.

Not so long ago, scientists from the University of Harriott-Watt in Edinburgh conducted a study on the correlation between musical preferences and the level of intelligence of listeners. There were about 36 000 people engaged from all over the world. To measure the IQ level, the scientists used classical tests for IQ as well as a list of questions on the program of school education. Perhaps, scientists desired to prove that heavy music and rap is unsafe for young brains, but the results were shocking!

  • To the delight of teenagers, the fans of rock and classical music showed the greatest IQ level while fans of rap, hip-hop, and R'n'B were recognized as the most stupid.


What does it mean?

Undoubtedly, there’s still a stereotype that considers a fan of heavy rock as a person deeply depressed, with suicidal tendencies and rather dangerous for the society. However, as life shows, in the adult age, many rockers are attached to classical works! So it’s no surprise that the characteristics of fans of both genres were similar. Both categories are creative and unconstrained but not too sociable listeners.

Also, heavy music has a positive effect on the physical condition of a person. It was proven that powerful chords increase the production of testosterone, which increases muscle gain and endurance.


The Conclusion

You’re free to have any opinion about rock and hard rock in particular, but the point is not to rely on anger caused by a generation gap.

First of all, it’s worth mentioning the period from the 60’s till the 90’s that fixed the stereotype for a long time. Violence was common for rock songs of the XX century, especially in the era of aggressive punk and heavy metal. But nothing stands still. The preferences have changed, unlike stereotypes that always need more time.

As a result, we can safely say that the main opponent of the rock music is public opinion. Well, in no case that means you should be afraid of appearing so in the eyes of people! On the contrary, creating a positive impression on both your favorite music and its listeners is the best thing you can do to the benefit of rock!

Heavy music, which was a symbol of the second half of XX century, is an interesting object for study and probably will never lose its relevance. Listen to rock, rejoice, develop and drive out the image of a “bad guy!”


Lucy Adams is a blogger from BuzzEssay. She’s always open to fresh ideas and interesting suggestions. Moreover, this diligent author writes blog posts at no cost! Supply Lucy with your best topics and get high-quality and in-depth papers on the house. Don’t miss the chance to start a mutually beneficial collaboration.


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