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There appears to be a new age of music at every corner. From online streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify, Facebook Live has emerged as a big player in the industry giving artists a chance to record live sessions either in concert or in the studio for their fans.

Billboard are even running a Top Chart every month for the most viewed and reacted Facebook Live videos that have seen the likes of Fantastia, Gorillaz, Backstreet Boys and Snoop Dog test the water over the last few months.

Now Metallica will become the latest to jump on the bandwagon, and are likely to smash records with their highly anticipated “Now That We’re Live”  live rehearsal that will stream online on Tuesday May 9th at 9:00 PM EST, the night before they begin their first leg of their WorldWired Tour 2017.

The stream will be live from inside the M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore and represents the continued shift toward social media as a way to reach fans for musical promotion.

But is Facebook Live a good thing?

When it comes to established bands, it makes perfect sense to create more hype around an upcoming album or show. In an age where digital music such as EDM is generally dominating the charts, it’s the perfect platform to inspire young budding musicians without promoting the need to illegally download videos of live concerts that are often hard to find.

I mean, it’s a heck of lot more exciting watching a rock band jamming hard then watching some random guy playing slots about Greek gods on Facebook’s big competitor Periscope. Facebook’s huge financial muscle could well transition it’s Live platform into some quite extraordinary, and if it means fans can watch their favourite artists playing live, then that’s only a positive thing for the band and the industry as a whole.


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