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You’ve landed your first gig and you are enthusiastically preparing to rock the club or pub down. You’re probably confident you got it all prepared and you can just show up to the venue with the band, the instruments, the set list, and a good mood to nail your gig. But wait! There are a few unusual items you should think bringing with you to ensure the gig goes according to plan. Here are a few unusual things you need for your first gig.

1. Duck tape

Any roadie will tell you that duck tape should be a permanent part of your gigging equipment. Whether you are a small band playing your first gig at the local youth centre or multi-million mega band like the AC/DC, you’ll find duck tape useful. You can solve countless problems with the help of a duck tape –it can hold your set list in place, it can fix a worn out cable and it can help control the flow of cables on set.

Now, you might think that the venue should have some duck tape you can borrow or generally be able to fix any issues you might have. That’s a sweet thought, but do you really want to rely on the venue to fix your problems? If they don’t, you won’t have a gig and the disappointment won’t be any less for the fans even when it’s not your fault. Besides, your first gigs won’t always be in the best of venues – sometimes you might even be the first band to play somewhere. Therefore, buying a solid duck tape from Amazon will be worth it.

2.A towel and energy boost

If you’re lucky, your venue will probably offer you some refreshments. Providing some drinks (at least water bottles!) is common practice even in the smallest of venues. But you might still want to ensure you have a quick energy boost available if you start feeling sluggish midway through the gig. A protein bar from Quest or a banana won’t break your bank and it doesn’t stay much space in the grand schemes of things. It’s much better to play your gig with enough energy, rather than be tired and hungry.

You’ll also end up sweating more than at the band practice. The lights, the crowds and the nerves just add to the sweating and you definitely need to have a towel on stage to help you keep it off the equipment.

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3. Pocket multi-tool and a flashlight

Aside from having duck tape to fix things, you should also prepare to bring a pocket multi-tool and a flashlight. For the flashlight, your smartphone might be enough as you often have in-built apps for the purpose. Bars and pubs can be darker than you think and you may need to have extra lighting to be able to set up your things.

The pocket tool is like duck tape – it can solve a lot of little problems in an instant. You can use it to cut the tape or fix a loose screw on your speakers, for example. Again, it’s better to bring your own rather than to rely the venue to fix these. You can find cheap pocket multi-tools online at Leatherman.

4. Hand wipes

Your first gig venue might not be the most hygienic and lifting and attaching your equipment definitely won’t help. After you’ve brought all the equipment in, hooked it up and done your practice, you might feel dirty and sweaty. While the towel won’t be enough to keep things clean, a few handy hand wipes will. You can pick any brand from Nati to Aldi.

5. Business cards

You’ll also need to prepare your business cards. You might be a small band, but if you are even semi-serious about performing, a business card ensures people know how to contact you. It’s a good way to engage not only with other venues or business opportunities, but also the fans. This is because your business or band card should have information on your social media accounts, your website, and a contact number or e-mail address.

Furthermore, as a band performing your first gig, you often don’t have any other merchandise to sell or give out. You might not have a CD out yet and you probably haven’t been able to afford band t-shirts or stuff. A business card is a simple way to create recognition and ensure people remember you and check you out online. Creating a bunch of business cards isn’t expensive. You can print them with online retailers such as Vistaprint. If you utilise the voucher codes from OZCodes, you can cut the final cost even further.

So, there you have it. The five unusual things you need for your first gig. They’ll help ensure you fix problems in an instant and that your gig goes smoothly. Now you just need that positive attitude and a killer setlist to smash your concert and get a bunch of new fans to follow you.

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