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Hit The Right Note: Instruments That’ll Show Off Your Musical Talent

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Have you dreamed of being able to pluck strings like Dire Straits lead guitarist Mark Knopfler? Practiced your four, four two drum signature more times than you can count? Clocked hours at the piano perfecting your scales? Musicians are aware that learning an instrument can be demanding, but the rewards gained will go far beyond the sounds you produce.


Playing the Violin takes intense concentration, and players need to have an almost innate ability to sense what note comes next. It is not enough to merely read the music, but you must learn how to hold this delicate wood string instrument properly as posture is essential. The Violin is seen as a difficult instrument to master, because unlike say the Flute or the Piano where you have keys, Violins have just a row of taut strings. Violins are also incredibly temperamental if you exert too much, or too little pressure, on the bow the note completely changes.

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You can either choose to learn an acoustic, or an electric guitar which produces a different sound. Guitarists aren’t born overnight, there’s plenty of practice involved, as well as learning how the stringed instrument makes wicked sounds in the first place. Electric Guitars are typically associated with rock stars such as Slash, from iconic rockers Guns N Roses and his epic riffs during their songs. However, he like many of us will have started with an acoustic Guitar where it’s all about your hand on the instrument and the placement of fingernails. Don’t despair if you’re just starting out; Bold Music have created a list of acoustic and electric guitars that are perfect for beginners. Right handed Guitar players often prefer to use plectrums which make louder, sharper sounds.

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Out of all the instruments listed, you’d probably think that the drums are one of the easiest to learn. After all, don’t you just hit them with a couple of sticks and they make sound? No, not quite. Drums are actually one of the most technical instruments to learn, percussion players spend years learning how to move, twirl and hit the sticks to produce the right note at just the right pitch. Playing Drums also requires your upper and lower body to do two completely different things while often at opposite time signatures.

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It’s famous for being extremely elegant, having an aesthetically pleasing design and the sweet, almost dream-like notes harpists can produce. Harps are often requested at weddings, formal receptions, and even networking events due to their soft, lilting tones but this multi-stringed instrument takes plenty of skill and patience. Harpists tend to develop excellent memories, as well as muscles from holding their hands up for extended periods of time. They also need to remember what sound each string produces as well as training their fingers to flow over the instrument smoothly. However, it’s not just the strings, which make the sound, that you need to worry about but also the pedals as they sharpen or flatten notes. So if your feet are asleep Harps can sound horribly out of tune!

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