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Making money from the music you create is always a challenge. It seems to be getting harder than ever. But don’t worry, because here are five methods of making money from your music.


  1. Take Commissions

Most musicians hate the idea of ditching their creativity. It’s one of those things that’s important to them. But sometimes, you have to think about what can make you money rather than just doing what you want to. It’s something that many musicians realise sooner or later. One of the ways of doing this is by taking commissions. If there is a company that wants a song for an advert, for example, you can make a lot of money from it. This won’t involve writing a song you’re passionate about, but it will make money.


  1. Perform it Live

These days, it’s becoming harder and harder to make sales of recorded music. But the upside is that more and more money is being made on the live circuit. When you play your music live for an audience, they all pay for a ticket to get in. This money is then split between the musicians and the venue that is staging the event. Many young musicians make all their money from playing venues and touring around the country. It’s something that you should keep in mind if you want to make more money.


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  1. Sell it on Download Platforms

There are various platforms that allow you to sell your music direct to the customer. This is different from in the past when artists had to be signed to a record to reach the public. These days, anyone can make money from selling their music online. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. But there are plenty of DIY platforms, like tradebit that can help you with this. You just upload your music, publicise it yourself and see how many sales you can make.


  1. Use it to Make Money in Other Ways

There are many other things that you can sell in order to make money as a musician. As I mentioned above, you can make money from ticket sales if people like your music. And you can also sell merchandise and things like that. People might have listened to your music online or see you live, and those people might be interested in buying things like t-shirts from you. It’s a good way to create a new stream of revenue of musicians who are struggling a little.


  1. Make it Available for Other Media

You can also make your music available for other forms of media. There are many films, TV shows and other forms of entertainment that use music on them. If you can sell your music to people who are looking for the kind of music you make, you can make a bit of money. Of course, you shouldn’t expect to be featured in the next Hollywood blockbuster. But you can make small amounts of money from your music being used in small and independent movies. It’s something to keep in mind, at least.


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