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We all have days where we don’t feel productive. Doing one piece of work feels like the biggest struggle ever, and we need a way of kicking ourselves back into gear. We often do this by guzzling down coffee or energy drinks, but that’s a short-term and unhealthy solution. Music is a much better way of obtaining high levels of productivity to get you through the day.

By Omar Gurnah
By Omar Gurnah

It’s important to note that not everyone will respond positively to music. I know people who can’t do anything if there’s any noise in the room at all! Similarly, I know others who just can’t work when it’s quiet, and there’s nothing to listen to. You need to find what works for you and tailor how you listen to music in order to get the most out of it. The same thing goes for the type of music you listen to. It isn’t always about enjoying your favorite band or genre; this can be so exciting that you actually cut productivity from enjoying it so much! We’re focusing on productivity here; not necessarily maximum enjoyment.


That’s where you’ve got to be clever. It has been shown that music with lyrics often doesn’t help in a scenario like this. It basically tricks your brain and makes you feel as though you’re in a distracting environment. That’s why genres like ambient music and classical music can be so beneficial. If you find something that is calming, you won’t have to deal with radical changes in tempo and intensity that might distract you.

Taken From
Taken From

But why is music so good? It can do a lot of good for your brain. By listening intently to certain pieces, your brain will focus and motivate itself to get working. You can’t underestimate the importance of enjoyment, either! If the last thing you want to do today is work, you might be feeling a little unhappy. Listening to music can boost your mood much better than any energy drink can! Of course, it allows you to get away from all the hustle and bustle in the workplace, too. You’ve got people gossiping, managers yelling and much more of that de-motivating behavior around you. Unless they’ve got corporate AV systems like sound masking, the only way to silence those voices is to equip a pair of headphones.


And guess what?! Life can be pretty boring on a daily basis for many people. For those who aren’t so keen on their profession and slave away in front of a computer every day, they need something to motivate them. Staring at a screen will eventually become tiresome, and your productivity levels will drop. Having a constant stream of music coming through your ears will eliminate the repetitive nature of what you’re doing somewhat. Suddenly, it doesn’t all feel quite as dull as it did before.


Whether it’s in the workplace, at home, or anywhere else, use music as a motivator. It is an incredibly powerful medium when used correctly. Say goodbye to unproductive behaviors forever!


Is just a guy who got tired of bothering his friends talking about music, and decided to create a blog to write about what he loves the most.
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