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On the 12th of December, 2015, charming Frank Sinatra could have celebrated his 100-th birthday. But unfortunately, his life broke off on the 14-th of May, 1998.

Frank Sinatra was one of the most famous and influential musical artists of the United States in the 40s. He was born on the 12th of December 1915 in Hoboken, New Jersey. The idol of all the country was an American in the first generation.

Just a few people know that he has almost died during childbirth. His weight was abnormal, about 6 kilos. A doctor had to pull the child using forceps that left deep scars on the singer’s body. By the way, his eardrums were injured, as the result, his hearing left much to be desired. The doctor was sure that the child could not be rescued and left him alone in an empty room. But his granny took the baby and washed him with cold water. Sinatra started crying, it was Frank’s first performance in his life.

When Sinatra was a teen, he decided to become a singer after watching the concert of “Bing” Crosby. He quited school, where he was a member of the glee club. He started his career as a singer in a local night club. The future star was noticed by a jazz bandleader Harry James, whom he recorded his first song ‘All or Nothing at All’. In 1940, an American jazz trombonist, composer, and big band leader Tommy Dorsey invited Sinatra to join his band. In a couple of years, the singer started his solo career. 1943-1946 the star gained great success. His fans were calling him ‘The Voice’. His popularity has reached Hollywood. He starred in such musicals as ‘Anchor Aweigh’, ‘On the Town’ (1949), and many others.


Can you believe that Frank Sinatra was just an average driver in his first band The Hoboken Four? Later he joined its members as an artist just for $25 per week. When he became popular, he received more than 5000 letters from his female friends per week. The artist collaborated with Harry James and Tommy Dorsey. Soon his songs were heard at any pub, bar or casino. Even now get back to the atmosphere of those times you can try playing casino games listening to Frank – check this blackjack guide.

In the early 50s after a severe cold, Frank lost his voice.  He had serious problems with the recording company. He was so depressed that he tried to commit suicide. But fortunately, the star managed to continue working on his career.

Despite the fact that The Beatles at one time seriously pressed by Frank in the rankings of popularity, he later years songs of the FAB four. For Example, ‘Yesterday’.

The Rat Pack, including Frank, supported John F. Kennedy during his presidential company 1960. Thanks to his friendship with Kennedy, Sinatra introduced Marilyn Monroe to the president.

In 1971, Sinatra said that he was about to leaves the stage, but three years later, continued performing. At the age of 64 years, he recorded one of his most famous hits – ‘New York, New York’. Yet, 10 years later, he went on ‘Together Again Tour’. The last time Frank was on the scene in 1995, speaking at a golf tournament in Palm Springs.

Sinatra was buried in California alongside his father and mother. His Tomb stone Says flaunts inscription – The Best Is Yet to Come.


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