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Far is the time that the only way we had to listen recorded music at home involved heavy-weight paraphernalia, lots of wire and roughed sound.

Around the 70’s of the 19th century, Thomas Edison invented the phonograph which was the first ever device to record and play music sound. It took about seventy years to something new appear; it was the era of long players records (LPs) that became popular since the 1950s and were so until 1980s.

The Evolution of Music Consumption
The Evolution of Music Consumption

As the technology of music players developed into LPs, then tapes, CDs and MP3s, music has become a constant companion in our everyday lives. Today’s music lovers have embraced miniaturization without abdicating quality sound.

The evolution of home sound systems can be compared to the century of flight, as both have taken about 100 years and have witnessed amazing leaps in power and technology. Without this fortunate marriage of music and technology, society itself would be much different today. As we say that let’s take a look in some fine ways to give music to your home.

The easy way and the cheapest one, its the all time earbuds! Plug ’em into your favorite audio device and you are ready to enjoy your music. However earbuds do not actually go inside the ear canal which means that they do not really offer much sound isolation. For a best high-quality audio you’ll want to look into a good pair of earphones.

These are the types of listening devices that actually get inserted into the ear canal. A complete seal must be formed around to isolate the sound and block out noise. The true sound quality of the earphones will not be able to come through if they are not sealed off from the outside. Do not hurt your ears , however! High quality pair of in-ear headphones will usually be significantly more expensive than even the best earbuds that are available.

Headphones are probably the better choice if you’re really worried about distortion or to have a better frequency range. Nonetheless You’ll get the best noise isolation from well-fitting earphones that sit in the ear canal.

poll headphones vs earphones
poll headphones vs earphones

Speakers is still the best way to do at home.  And it’s actually not that expensive these days. ( link)With speakers you’re always hearing the speakers’ sound bouncing around the room for example. No headphones can ever compete with a the impact of teh bass of a big tower or subwoofer. You can get an amazing-sounding (link)

Digital Speakers represent an important accessory that enables consumers to buy the best portable speaker for iphone or tablet from a personal to a shared experience. This class of speakers, with its smaller size and high quality sound, has enabled the change from electronics as the center of a room to electronics which complement modern design. The digital speaker market, which includes portable speakers ( read some portable speakers review), speakers with dock, sound bars, and network audio systems, is expected to grow from over 47 million units in 2013 to nearly 61 million by 2018, with portable speakers representing over half of the market by the end of the forecast window.

Most people agrees on that headphones and speakers have strengths in different fields, as speakers give you a way better sound stage and deeper bass , headphones provide more resolution and details.

Overall, to listen to music at home will depend on the tasks you’re doing , the money you want to spent and in the case of speakers , the acoustic that you have at home.

good acoustic room
good acoustic room



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