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The evolution of the smartphone has meant that other industries have felt the impact whether this has had a positive or not so position affect. For some it has meant that their customer base and their overall potential client reach has expanded by an incredible amount. With more and more people now owning smartphones and other mobile-based devices companies and businesses are able to promote their products and services using simple downloadable apps which can help them reach a bigger audience, especially those who don’t use a computer regularly or are unable to get online any other way other than using their phone.


Daily tasks such as how we now shop, travel, enjoy a gaming experience and communicate along with many others, have completely evolved now thanks to the finely tuned features of the smartphone. It has fast become a one-stop device to help us with almost everything we may need. Even the casino industry where sites the mobile version of Europalace casino have helped revolutionise it. The development of the smartphone has also meant that it has been able to absorb the features and facilities offered by other electronic devices with some almost become obsolete. What cameras, digital camcorders and satellite navigation systems once offered is now something that most smartphones offer their users. Even iPhones and the ability to play or stream music has become one of the most popular uses for smartphone owners.

This impact has really helped shape the modern era of the music industry. Of course the internet and the digital age has had a major affect already with millions of songs being downloaded regularly and with listeners being able to store thousands and thousands of albums, songs and other music on our mobile phones. So the smartphone, the tablet and even now smartwatches have become our modern day jukebox. But now you don’t even have to download your music and store on your device.


The music streaming market that has been predominantly led by the likes of Spotify for the past few years saw another music-based operator begin offering a similar service earlier this year. Apple Music launched recently offering users various monthly subscription packages that meant that you could enjoy millions of different songs, old and new, from their huge catalogue of song choices. Meaning you could listen to hours of musical entertainment anywhere and at anytime using your mobile device. Now even Amazon offering their own customers the same service, albeit this is a free alternative for Prime customers only.

The impact hasn’t just been on the music itself, but even the music video industry has enjoyed the new and more convenient way in which fans can view an artists music videos. No longer do you have to tune in to hopefully catch a glimpse of your favourite band or artists latest music video. Now you can access thousands of hours worth of video entertainment using YouTube and even the aforementioned streaming services themselves to create you very own personalised music video playlist.


Is just a guy who got tired of bothering his friends talking about music, and decided to create a blog to write about what he loves the most.
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