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In a recent open letter to Apple, the singer and songwriter Taylor Swift wrote that she will not be including her own personal music that she has written, recorded and released in the new streaming music project that Apple is hoping to launch very soon via their website. We already know Apple to be a completely successful company in all regards. They have engineered an amazing line of computers, smart phones and tablets, and they have many other pieces of technology that billions of people use around the world every day.


Taylor Swift Has a Problem With Apple

But Taylor Swift is telling her fans, her contemporaries and Apple themselves that they are not the end all-be all of decisions when it comes to music and technology in this new world. Taylor Swift did the same thing to Spotify, however she did not do this in an open letter style as she is now with the Apple company.

Spotify is another streaming service that is extremely successful with many people in the United States and around the world today. They also offer some free streaming months when users first sign up for the service just like some other free perks that are offered when you want to Play online games at Red Flush Casino. Taylor Swift herself does not like this style of selling music, and none of her music can be found on the streaming service of Spotify.


The Open Letter From Taylor Swift to Apple

In her letter, Taylor mentions that Apple is going to be offering three months of free streaming music service for new customers who sign-up for this option. She reiterates again and again in her letter that she loves Apple computers and all the technology that is offered by this company. She says that it is a wonderful company that is paving the way for new technologies around the world. She says that she does not appreciate them trying to give away music for free without paying artists like herself, however.

It is important to note here that she does say that she has quite enough money for herself and to pay all of her managers, musicians, roadies and other people who work for her. She is definitely not asking for this money for herself, but she is trying to stand up for the rest of the musical community.

She is asking Apple to stop what they have started before the streaming service begins. The service will so far offer three months of free streaming to those who sign up for it, and none of the musicians nor any of the writers will be paid. She is asking that they either be paid or that the free services be taken down and that users will have to pay from the very beginning if they want to stream via this website from Apple.


Taylor Swift

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