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It is safe to say that music is an important part of my life. When I first get up the first two things I turn on are the coffee maker and my sound system. The sound system is the last thing powered down every evening. Like most people I choose my music based on what I’m doing at any particular time. Here are some of my lists.

Music for driving – Long road trips are the perfect excuse for devising a custom playlist. I equate road trips with vacations. I look for songs that keep my energy up and keep my engaged. Almost every road trip mix includes the following:

Like A Hurricane – Neil Young.  I’ve probably seen Neil Young perform this song twenty times but my favorite version is still the one from American Stars and Bars.


Aenema – Tool. Any band that pays tribute to Bill Hicks deserves a lot of credit. Aenema is the odd blend of anger and majesty. It really isn’t great to have come up if you are in a rush hour traffic jam as I’m fairly certain it would increase road rage. It is perfect for the open road.

Magic Bus (live at Leeds Version) The Who. The best Who songs are live – the eight minute version of Magic Bus is perfect.


Jesus Just Left Chicago – ZZ Top. The song came on the radio on my very first cross country road trip and has been a road trip staple ever since.
Need Your Love/Gonna Raise Hell Cheap Trick. To me, Cheap Trick is in many ways the perfect rock band. The lyrics are often simple and repetitive but at the same time perfectly express a feeling. Both songs are always on my road trip discs.


Music for Yoga – I don’t think that my yoga practice has to be accompanied by a non-descript new age soundtrack.

Elastic Heart/Chandelier – Sia. I have Elastic Heart as one of my warm up songs and Chandelier for Shavasana.

I Never Asked to Be Your Mountain – Tim Buckley. Yoga is about letting go of the outside pressures of the world; this song fits the vibe perfectly.


Hallelujah –Jeff Buckley. A celebration of life.

Planet Caravan – Pantera. I’ve been told this is an odd choice; I think it fits well within my yoga practice.

Narayana (For Your Love) – Krishna Das. The must unique mixture of eastern and western influences. Once you hear Krishna Das’ cover of the Yardbirds’ hit the original will take on an entirely new meaning.


Music for Playing Poker – I like to keep sharp and focused at the poker table. I use music to keep my energized and to help block out some of the distractions of playing in a large poker tournament.

Money – Pink Floyd. This one is simple, it reminds me of why I’m at the table.
Poker Face – Lady Gaga. The song has basically nothing to do with poker, but it is a great upbeat track. The song always, deservedly, ranks near the top of every poker list.
No Cheap Thrill – Suzanne Vega. Vega actually plays poker. When the song comes up in the mix, it helps remind me to stay focused.
“I’ll see you, I’ll call you, I’ll raise you
But it’s no cheap thrill
It will cost you, cost you, cost you
Anything you have to pay.”


Chill Out – John Lee Hooker with Carlos Santana. Bad beats happen, Chill Out reminds me it is just part of the game.


Music for going to sleep – I have a docked iPod in my bedroom that I use only at night when I’m going to sleep. The playlist is made up of long relaxing tracks, most of them in the prog-rock category, with a couple by Moby and one alt-country. All of them are perfect adult lullabies.

Shine On You Crazy Diamond – Pink Floyd.

Samba Pa Ti – Santana. I use the version from the Lotus album, which is one of the best live albums ever recorded.


Epitaph – King Crimson

Weightless Again – The Handsome Family. The Alt-Country band blends hypnotic melodies with often disturbing lyrics.

Weightless Again is only slightly disturbing and yet very soothing.



Is just a guy who got tired of bothering his friends talking about music, and decided to create a blog to write about what he loves the most.
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