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If there is one trend that defines the world of celebrity, it is that prominent characters tend to break down the traditional boundaries of popular culture. Take Nelly, for example, who achieved fame as an international rapper and R & B start but has since made his mark across alternative forms of media and in various industries. From his humble beginnings, he has grown to become the very embodiment of celebrity in 2015 and is now widely considered as a star of music, television and even the fascinating world of online gambling.

With a new album due for release, you would think that Nelly has enough to keep him occupied at present. This represents just the tip of the iceberg for the rapper, however, who also has additional projects unfolding simultaneously. Just recently he revealed his passion and dexterity for poker, for example, having played in the World Series in Las Vegas and at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. The St. Louis native played on day one at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, and though he was eliminated fairly quickly he showed enough to underline his credentials as a serious player.

Having developed his skills through popular online casinos, he has been able to practice this at live and real-time tournaments throughout the world. He has featured in the World Poker Series on multiple occasions, and while he has yet to win the main prize his mere presence has drawn interest on a global scale. These efforts have not distracted Nelly from his media interests; however, as his seventh studio album is set to be released on 30th September while he has recently released a single with Nicki Minaj and Pharrell Williams.


TV and a Whole New Frontier

Nelly is also the latest rapper to break into the reality television genre, which is extremely lucrative and widely watched in the modern age. In the intriguingly named ‘Nellyville’, fans will get a glimpse of his life as an international superstar and the demands placed on him as a father, businessman and globally renowned hip-hop star.

So while Nelly may currently be relaxing in the exotic surroundings of Australia, he has plenty of projects to keep him occupied for the foreseeable future. Alongside fellow rappers Lupe Fiasco and B.o.B, Nelly has been taking advantage of the beautiful weather and spectacular sights such as the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House.



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