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Meet Canadian Indie Pop Group ‘Hooded Fang’

Hooded Fang has recently revamped, and their sound is hotter than ever. With their latest (and third) album released last year, this earthy band out of Toronto is solid. Gravez, released in April 2013, is the result of the four-member group’s dynamic combined efforts. They have recently said farewell to three members and have managed to recreate their raw garage sound from the 60s and 70s. Although the group thinks of itself as more of a ‘pop band’ according to group member Dan Lee, they are certainly not candy-pop, with a sound that is rocking the world.

Take ‘Tosta Mista’ for instance, Hooded Fang’s (2011) title track that went viral across Europe in an ad translated into several languages. In an advert, Rafa Nadal (tennis super-pro) meanders through Barcelona playing the PokerStars mobile game on a handheld device. Moreover, the group is drawing mass attention through their no-nonsense sound and dynamic compilations.

To date, many great songs have provided soundtracks for mobile promotions. Just take the Australian rock-band Jet for example. They were amongst the first bands to profit from an Apple ad, with ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl?’ The track served as the background audio for ear buds with dancing silhouettes in this popular commercial. Likewise, the eclectic British duo The Ting Tings benefited with their pop-song ‘Shut Up and Let Me Go.’ The tune served as a next-generation iPod ad for ‘dancing silhouettes.’ Just as these two iPod adverts have given up-and-coming bands a jumpstart, using ‘Tosta Mista’ in a PokerStars ad with Nadal has given Hooded Fang a huge break, bringing universal renown.

The band, based in Montreal, is under the direction of Daniel Lee (composition and vocals) and April Aliermo (vocals, bass, and lyrics). Add D. Alex Meeks (drummer) and Lane Halley (guitar) to this mix and you’ve got a smooth sound with (as quoted in Crack Magazine) ‘pitch-perfect indie pop distillation.’ While according to the group, they just ‘play rock and roll and pop music,’ they are ‘not purists or anything.’ However, their fans might disagree.

Since 2007, the band has captured international attention. Their first recording, ‘EP’ was released by the group in mid-September 2008, followed by ‘Album’ in early August 2010. Shortly thereafter, ‘Tosta Mista’ was released in the UK (March 2012) under the independent brand, Full Time Hobby.

Using ‘Tosta Mista’ for the PokerStars ad has been a huge boon for both the band and the online poker site. Watching Rafa Nadal walk through the streets of Barcelona, with his handheld device, clearly represents the sheer pleasure of playing poker online.

That being said, let’s see what the group has to say. In a recent interview in the Cut from Steel, Hamilton Music Blog, the band reveals some secrets about what makes them tick.

Daniel attributes the name of their latest album Gravez to the band’s affection for a friend in Mexico. Although the group was missing her at the time of the interview, he stated that Gravez was in the process of filming a music video for their album, and that they planned to film it in the Mexican desert.

When asked what the coolest venue was that they had ever performed in, April described a ‘DIY venue’ in their home city of Toronto, named Soybomb. She explained that the area is comprised of a skate ramp and the band members performed in the very middle of the slope. Daniel also mentioned that he enjoyed performing in Utah, in a discarded space shuttle that still had an anti-gravity room stocked with drinks.

Finally, when asked by Cut from Steel what the group was listening to when they were eighteen, Daniel couldn’t quite remember. He did admit that he was ‘heavily into hip-hop at the time.’ April added that she was also into hip-hop, as well as R and B and Latin love songs.

Clearly, it’s difficult for the band members to classify the sounds that formed their style, and it is impossible to categorize the group into a single genre. The fact is that Hooded Fang has a unique sound; one that poker, tennis and music followers just happen to love.




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