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Published on October 13th, 2014 | by AlexandreG.


Cesária Évora and Paul McCartney Songs Chords

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Hooray! I have found what I was looking for. Fantastic chords for the song “Scared” by Paul McCartney. I have found chords on other websites before, but they were never quite right. The ones on here, however, are perfect and sound exactly as Sir Paul McCartney would play them, with all the nuances.

I definitely recommend this guitar chords website, as it provides original chords for many songs and has a great system for changing the key of the chords. It’s not like on most sites, where half the chords are in one key, and the other half is in another. The bass goes with the bass, each note goes with the other, and all the chords fit perfectly together 🙂

That is something I didn’t expect to find—the chords for the songs of one of my favorite singers, Cesária Évora, who has sadly already departed from this world. I couldn’t find them anywhere. Whereas this website has “Beirona’s Blood”… that’s awesome! Did you know that this merry yet bloody song is about the loss of virginity? The song lyrics translate to: “Who wants to know if the blood of Beirona tastes so sweet got to catch it deep in the valley. The blood of Beirona is pleasant, sweet…”





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