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We all know it’s the most important meal of the day – but have you ever considered how breakfast has also provided nourishment for some of your favourite songwriters over the years? Granted, cereal, toast and pancakes may not be the most obvious source for lyrical inspiration – but it’s surprising how many classic tunes they’ve influenced down the years. From some established classics to some recent additions, here’s 5 of our favourites:

1. Streetband – ‘Toast’
This catchy composition was an accidental hit for ‘70s London rockers Streetband – fronted by future rock legend Paul Young – as it was originally only a b-side to their track ‘Hold On’. The song began popping up on radio playlists after being championed by comedian Kenny Everett – then a DJ for Capital FM – and soon spread to Top of the Pops. Although the song brought the band the success they’d long craved, its novelty nature also became something of a millstone – leading to the dissolution of the group and the formation of new outfit Q-Tips in 1979.


2. Folk On – ‘Country Crisp’
Hailing from the fictional village of Little Dribblepatch, this rising comedy-folk band have been gaining online traction with this witty ode to their favourite breakfast cereal, Jordans’ Country Crisp. After contacting the Bedfordshire-based cereal manufacturer on Twitter last month with the ditty, they put together an accompanying video to underline their devotion to the oat-based breakfast favourite.


3. Deep Blue Something – ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’
The only song with breakfast in the title to ever hit Number One in the UK, this bluesy 1995 hit referenced the Audrey Hepburn-starring movie classic of the same name. Something of a one-hit-wonder, the Texan band struggled to ever match its success, which saw it go Top 5 in the US and crash charts around the world.


4. Jack Johnson – ‘Banana Pancakes’
What better accompaniment to a Sunday morning brunch than this smooth song from the modern day king of acoustic-led easy-listening? This tasty track appeared on the US singer-songwriter’s chart-topping 2005 album ‘In Between Dreams’.


5. Sesame Street – ‘Breakfast Time’
As you’d expect from the world’s top kids’ show, this 1977 track is as educational as it is fun – seeing Ernie advise the Cookie Monster that his morning diet of “soft boiled cookies” and a “glass of cookie juice” isn’t perhaps the healthiest start to the day.


Have we missed out any breakfast-based bangers from our list? Let us know by commenting below.


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