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Pink Floyd 1979 double album The Wall, which inspired the recent The Wall Live World Tour, has now been turned into a documentary featured in Canada’s capital on the day Roger Waters completed 71 years. The documentary ‘Roger Waters: The Wall’, shows the backstage tour of the mythical album by Pink Floyd, and premiered this Saturday at Toronto International Film Festival.

The Tour began precisely in Toronto, 15 September 2010. The film, co-directed by Waters and Sean Evans, will have more than two hours and was filmed in three diferent cities.

Waters, who attended the event accompanied by his sons Jack Waters and Harry Waters, answered some questions after viewing the film, arguing

‘I think people are sick and tired of being told that the most important thing in their life is commerce and the new this and the new that,’ and added: ‘And they’re sick of adverts on TV and they’re sick of being told what’s important is whether we win or lose or whether or not we’re exporting more. I think people are probably ready to go now, ‘Well, all of that rhetoric lead us to lob bombs over the top of the wall, that divides society ecologically, economically, philosophically and politically, from all our fellow human beings. And we no longer want to be told by our political leaders that they are scum and that we are great’

See the trailer below, as well as some wallpapers from the tour wihch has already almost four years on the road !! 



Pink Floyd Roge Waters 71 Year Old Good Looking At Toronto International Film Festival The Wall Pink Floyd Gig Show Arena Wallpaper Roger Waters The Wall Tour Live Wallpaper Roger Waters Bass Guitar Roger Waters The Wall Live Tour Poster



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