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Metallica are one of the most influential metal bands in rock history. They brought thrash metal to the mainstream and in the process became one of the biggest bands in the world. See what are, definitely, the Best Metallica Albums ever.

Formed in 1981, the band’s journey from garage rehearsals to colossal stadium tours is the stuff of legends. With their relentless riffs, profound lyrics, and explosive performances, Metallica has continually redefined the boundaries of heavy metal. Over the decades, they have experimented with various sub-genres, continually breaking new ground, while still preserving their core essence. Their discography is a testament to their creative evolution and resilience in an ever-changing music landscape. Dive in as we explore the masterpieces that solidify Metallica’s legacy as metal titans.

5 – ‘Kill ‘Em All – (1983, Megaforce)

Metallica’s original line-up featured James Hetfield (guitar/vocals), Lars Ulrich (drums), Ron McGovney (bass), and Dave Mustaine (lead guitar). Because of tensions with Mustaine, McGovney left the band. Bassist Cliff Burton was recruited as his replacement and in the process Mustaine was fired in April 1983 for his drug and alcohol problems, overly aggressive behavior and clashes with bandmates. After Mustaine’s departure, Metallica recruited Kirk Hammett who had just a month to rework the guitar solos demoed by Dave Mustaine, who wrote several of the songs that appear on the album.

‘Kill ‘Em All’ is raw, even the lyrics are brash and juvenile, but showed the huge potential they would later achieve. Since its release, it has been certified 3× platinum by the RIAA, having sold over three million copies in the United States.

4 – ‘…And Justice for All – (1988, Elektra)

It was their first time cutting a new album with bassist Jason Newsted, following the death of Cliff Burton in 1986. It’s also the one that launched them into the mainstream. ‘…And Justice For All’ its considered by many, to be their last true thrash album. The songs’ dark lyrics have themes of political and legal injustice, war, censored speech, instead of speaking about something related with Cliff Burton.

The video for the song ‘One’ received extensive airplay on MTV, and earned to Metallica their first Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance in 1990. It was also their best-selling album at that point and became the first underground metal album to achieve chart success in the United States.

3 – ‘Metallica – (1991, Elektra)

Metallica decided to team up with producer Bob Rock, to produce what was often referred to as ‘The Black Album’ and is the band’s most commercially successful album. Spawned by six(!) singles: ‘Enter Sandman’, ‘Don’t Tread On Me’, ‘The Unforgiven’, ‘Nothing Else Matters’, ‘Wherever I May Roam’, and ‘Sad But True’,the album got them on MTV and into basketball arenas.

Few could have imagined just how popular Metallica would become. The album debuted at number one in ten countries, and spent four consecutive weeks at the top spot of the Billboard 200. In 2014 the album has stayed over 300 weeks on the Billboard charts, making it the album with most weeks on the chart of all time. ‘The Black Album’ is the group’s best-selling album, selling 30 million copies worldwide, certified 16× platinum and has sold over sixteen million copies in the United States!

2 – ‘Ride the Lightning – (1986, Megaforce)

Recorded in Lars Ulrich’s home country Denmark,‘Ride the Lightning’ their second release, was another big step forward as they proved they could write killer riffs without original guitarist Dave Mustaine – that does get credit on the title track and the instrumental ‘The Call of Ktulu‘. Songs like ‘Ride The Lightning’, ‘For Whom the Bells Toll’ and ‘Creeping Death’ have become thrash metal standards, but it’s in ‘Fade to Black’ that they get the climax.

Coming a few years before Metallica gained real mainstream popularity, ‘Ride the Lightning’ was a crucial step forward in their sound evolution.

1 – ‘Master of Puppets – (1986, Elektra/Asylum)

Metallica’s third album is their best! ‘Master of Puppets’ captured the band at the height of their powers and it’s their final work with bassist Cliff Burton (who died in a tragic bus accident while on tour supporting the album). Many feel it’s their last truly perfect record: from the powerful trash of  ‘Battery’ to the instrumental groundbreaking of ‘Orion’, is musically stronger as they will never became again.

It blows away its predecessor by hitting #29 on the Billboard 200 and earned the distinction as the first thrash metal album to crack the Top 40. Metallica played the album straight through on a European tour in 2006 to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

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