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Bruce Springsteen to Luis Suarez: ‘Biting Has No Place in Sports’

Brazil 2014 Fifa World Cup is the most important sport event of the year and seems to reach the opinion of everybody. Bruce Springsteen who talked about the incident, regarding the use of the teeth in the World Cup, remarking the bite from Uruguayan Luis Suarez to the Italian player Giorgio Chiellini, in the football World Cup match held this week.

Bruce Springsteen has been following the World Cup, and to a TMZ cameraman he joked about whether or not it was allowed. ‘What are the rules about biting in the World Cup?” he deadpanned. “There probably should be one. Biting has no place in sports.’

Suarez’s World Cup is over now, meanwhile the Uruguayan star has been suspended for nine international matches and four months from football activity, announced by FIFA on Thursday. The nine-match suspension is the longest World Cup suspension ever handed out.

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