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Metallica have a new song called ‘Lords of Summer’, although it may not become part of the next album, now knows its studio version.

‘Lords of Summer’ was first presented in March at a concert in Bogota, Colombia. The song recovers the past thrash metal of the band and is now available for download via iTunes. The single marks Metallica’s first official release in over five years. Their next full-length studio LP, will be reportedly out due sometime, after September.

About the download you can read on the  official site:  ‘Welcome to the official start of summer! Along with the longest day of the year comes the release of “Lords of Summer” on iTunes worldwide. If you joined us for a show or two in South America or on the first leg of the European tour you will recognize it as the “new song” in the set. Our friends over at ESPN heard it and decided they want to kick off their summer by spinning it on and off all day Saturday, so you just might hear it again if you’re a sports fan in the States.’

Metallica are on the road, with gigs scheduled for major European festivals. See here where you can see them during the summer!


metallica 2014 band photos metallica lords of summer picture



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